Stuck Septum

So, Evan swears that his septum (initially pierced by Silentwes at Electric Chair in Riverside, CA, and then self-stretched) is quite loose at 3/4″, but the first thing I thought when he sent me this photo of his wearing a large ear weight through it was that there was a good chance that the shape of the plug guaranteed it would be stuck there, and he’d be left cutting toward his face with a hacksaw! Luckily, no such misfortune befell him.


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26 thoughts on “Stuck Septum

  1. I wouldnt risk doing that myself – I get all freaked out when I cant get rings off my fingers I cant imagine how I would be with that stuck in my nose. haha

  2. I wonder how breathing is with that in? Though I don’t imagine he wears it all the time, I like the look of the clear acrylic? glass? ::shrug::

  3. My stretched septum shrinks very quickly if I leave the plug out for anymore than a few hours. The idea of having something like this in makes me feel very apprehensive…almost claustrophobic! The idea of it getting stuck behind those ‘barbed parts’ would really freak me out.

  4. Man, I’ve had friends that have gotten plugs stuck in their ears while stretching up to the next size, and have to give it a couple days before they could pop them out. I can imagine how shtty that would be with that in your septum.

  5. Hahahaha Even. It’s really Evan but it’s cool.Yeah this isn’t a long term septum piece. I just wore it for shits and giggles. Figured id take a few snap shoots for my iam page.Breathing isn’t that bad with it in. I can breathe pretty well with it in. If it werent for the length of the weight I’d probably it for a prolonged period.

  6. hahahah I’m from being jesus. And I’d have to say my eyes are rather stunning. Now I’m just sounding full of myself. hahahah.

  7. The anti-eyebrow piercings make him look so wide-eyed and innocent, too!

    But man… He sure does love the clear acrylic, eh?

  8. I have the same jewelry for my ears!!
    It’s a Zoomorphic design by Cheyenne(quartz). :)

  9. Aww, he’s really cute. Those eyes drew my attention more than the septum jewelry.

  10. Yeah, I thought it was ice before I read anything. Looks neat! And people breathe through their mouths too. Breathing through my nose makes me dizzy

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