Surprisingly Enigmatic Looking Tattoo

Jonny and his bandmates had traveled from the UK to Chicago to record their debut album, after putting in a ton of work into getting a record and publishing deal, a good manager, and writing songs and touring them. On the third of March, the album was finished, which he describes as “the best five weeks of my life”. To record this landmark moment in his life and to remember all the people he met in Chicago, he got his first tattoo — the date of completion, and the Chicago flag. The tattoo was done by Josh Howard at The Chicago Tattoo and Piercing Company.


16 thoughts on “Surprisingly Enigmatic Looking Tattoo

  1. Is it weird that my favorite part of this tattoo is the pole and little tassels?

  2. I love seeing my city represented. Great work, and I’m not just saying that because it’s the Chicago flag 🙂

  3. Haunted Town Records?
    It looks awesome. I was planning on getting a tattoo of the chicago flag when I get my bachelors degree to honor the city I grew up by and love.

  4. +1 on Josh Howard being the man. Dude is a stellar tattooist and person. Give him all your money and naked women.

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