26 thoughts on “19th Birthday in Burlington

  1. 19 never looked so good…just keeps looking better the further from it I get…

  2. There is no better way to celebrate the birthday at which you’re allowed to be naked than to do so nakedly.

  3. Valon Oddity – i’m not completely sure but i think it’s a diagonal nipple piercing, as appose to a badly placed horizontal piercing.

    Saying that though, maybe it’s just the way her breast is sitting in this picture.

  4. I’d have prefered a shot from the opposite angle, for completeness of course… *cough, she’sgourgeous al the same though.
    I agree with mess’s first thought and if it’s anything like mine was, it probably started from a badly placed horizontal.

  5. Mess – I think Valon Oddity meant to say that the piercing is way back in her nipple, almost going through the areola instead of through the nipple itself…

  6. yeah she should get that nip repierced because from the looks of it the bar is thru the aureola not the nipple. that’s bad news!

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