Play Piercing Photo Shoot

Chris at Native Rituals in Hattingen, Germany sent in these beautiful photos from a play piercing-themed promo shoot they did for the studio recently. More pictures continue after the break. The models are Cindy, Nika, and Miss Cheyenne, and the photos are by T. Burggraf, and Chris did the piercing.





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55 thoughts on “Play Piercing Photo Shoot

  1. that sleeve is really nice, i didn’t even notice the cat at first, those stars are really bold looking. I like the ‘love means nothing’ on her back too.

  2. Love her sleeve, it’s beautiful.

    I would’ve liked to see her back after the needles where taken out, and covered in blood… Is that weird? :/

  3. I didn’t notice it at first, but as soon as I saw the comments, I went back and looked, and her sleeve is really wonderful. They way the colors are so bold and the red bits don’t have an outline; I think it’s one of my favorites.

  4. i like the love means nothing quote on the back of her neck, that black and grey pic is amazing!

  5. Paul – This is modblog. Comparitively speaking there is nothing weird about wanting to see a little blood.

    Good god that first photo is just a show stopper.

  6. gosh, i love the last photo.. the simmetry and lighting… (more of a photographer than a modder, i guess) ;)

  7. wow, absolutely beautiful pictures..both of them are stunning. that sleeve in the first photo looks inspired by Emily The Strange….or is that just me?

  8. HeavensTwistedAngel – I thought the same thing. The cat on her sleeve looks very Emily-ish.

    The floor behind her is also very interesting.

  9. I LOVE that sleeve. If I’m correct, those cats are from Emily Strange. I love cats and stars. It’s so perfect. =)

  10. on the first one the needles look like eye lashes and the pasties are the eyes haha
    the last chick looks a lot like rose mcgowan to me…

  11. omg, i seriously thought the first pic was a mannequin at first glance!
    beautiful people, beautiful work.

  12. The tattoo with stars in the first foto, reminds me to La Negra‘s sleeve… i know stars are stars, but this is very similar.

  13. My word. This is the first time the inherant beauty of play piercing really hit home. That’s delightful.

  14. I didn’t know Lilly Allen was into bodymods…

    Great pictures! Nice photography, great look.

  15. These are beautiful pictures. She’s the kind of girl I wanted to grow up to be when I was kid.

  16. Senta/Cinnamon: It looks like a fishtail corset skirt, with some tulle or organza for volume. But I’m not sure; the corset might be a second piece made out of the same material. The stripes match up nicely, but it looks like there’s some bias tape at the base of the corset part. I’d like to see more details for the skirt; it’s an interesting look.

    The woman in the skirt is nice too. :P

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