68 thoughts on “For those of you looking to defile Easter

  1. I’m guessing that Giles will be along in a minute to talk about the manocentric maleocracy, but in the meantime: this woman is pretty hot.

  2. When I saw Easter defiled so gratuitously I knew I had to act. But how? So I asked myself, “What would Jesus do?” And then I knew the answer: masturbation.

  3. Not to sound overtly sexist right now but matè and beautiful women sound like the best thing to have on Easter.

  4. if she did more crunches, she would lose those fantastic breasts, and this would be a fucking tragedy, and then i would have to kick you.

  5. As funny of an idea as this is, I wouldn’t think most people could live with that as a tattoo. And just in personal opinion, if I was going to tattoo “love and fuck me” on my body permanently, I would have picked a more classic font.

  6. Al, go fuck yourself. Perhaps I should forgive you considering you’ve probably never seen a real woman naked (porn doesn’t count)…but, well, I don’t consider this a holiday so forgiveness isn’t a big thing for me.

  7. anabot: crunches target the abdominal area. are you familiar with the female anatomy? breasts are not located on the abdomen.

  8. crunches? CRUNCHES? good god, what are you thinking? she is one delicious looking woman, and i certainly have to second anabot’s comment.

    seriously though, yummy nakedness aside, she’s gorgeous. i am loving the bow/lock tattoo.

  9. i believe al was saying she was doing sum weird crunches?
    but im not him i could be wrong.

  10. fo real that body looks all kinds of baggy and gross, flab flab flab, that is some tired used up ass makes me want to vomit, lets get some tight young punanie in here yo

  11. #20 any exercises that make women loose wait, they’ll loose wait from their breasts and butts usually first as thats where the most ‘excess’ fat is located, as horrible as that is. 🙁 boo. gorgeous tits 😛

  12. That first shot was the best of all. Particularly liking the color of the ink and yes, the mate. Betty looks a bit horrified, ahaha.

  13. “anabot: crunches target the abdominal area. are you familiar with the female anatomy? breasts are not located on the abdomen.”

    it’s funny that you don’t know how weight loss through exercise works, so i’ll break it down for you. you cannot “tone” a certain area by exercising, because you cannot tone fat, only muscle, and exercising that only makes it bigger and better defined, although you can lose fat at the same rate as you replace it with larger muscle, which works well for firming limbs but not so much breasts, unless you develop HUGE pecs (i’m working on this one). in order to lose a belly, you have to lose the fat that makes up that belly by burning more calories than you take in (through a combination of more exercise/less calories) and you lose it pretty equally from all parts of your body. that means if you lose an inch from your waist, you lose an inch from your bust and butt as well. proportions are pretty much in the hands of god or genetics. it would be nice if crunches were magical, but don’t get your hopes up.

    the more you know!

  14. as a photog, I am offended by the awful choice of a set. This looks like some county clinic waiting room. I think in a better setting the whole thing would seem less tacky. The tat, though well done, is not to my taste. I can appreciate a beautiful girl, but awkward posing on office furniture?!

  15. Well, she’s going to have an awfully fun time explaining the tattoos to her children if she ever has any.

    People need to stop being so goddamn stupid.

    And the piercings looks so painful! Ouchie!

  16. b: Of course, we forgot to think of the chillllllldren! Even if they are just potential at this point.
    Go shit in your hat.

  17. this is for zombie z

    Get out!
    I often wonder what happened? why did the rest of the world lose its sense of humor?
    Ohhh well not my problem 🙂

  18. Shit I’d wreck her box… #36 Are you fucking serious? Why is it always about the God-damned kids??? I fucking hate kids
    ’cause all they do is cause bloody censorship on everything that makes life fun like swearing, drinking, getting peircings and obscene tattoos. I’m sure she’d explain it to her children in a very honest way.

    As for people saying she needs to tone up her body. She’s got a fucking HOT body. Just ’cause she isn’t toned like a swimsuit model doesn’t mean shit, at least she’s got a figure. “Do some crunches” Thats the fucking media talking through your conformist mouth right there.


  19. “this pussy looks tasty!”, “mate i wud plough her so bad lol”, “she is one delicious looking woman,”,”woh She´s drinking Mate!”.”Shit I’d wreck her box…”.

    Seriously you bunch of idiots really need to do some serious growing up.

    Not only are you the lowest form of sick sexist scum but you truly do paint the community as being immature misogynist trash. The BodyMod female community deserve better than to have you all reducing them to your own wank-fodder,

    Shannon you are also to blame.

    This place used to carry the best examples of body modification from around the world. Now it is simply an excuse to post soft porn pics that just happen to have a fairly standard tat or piercing, animal abuse photos and racist hate language on immature girls’ lips. Couple it with childish tats of Santa with an erection (ooh how shocking) and you are left with a shadow of what ModBlog once was.

    Ask yourself Shannon whether you are truly representing the best of the world’s body modification ?

  20. Giles, what you think about Modblog is your prerogative. But calling people sick, sexist scum because they’re reacting to a woman who is posed naked with her legs open next to fetish magazines? Don’t you get think that maybe that was part of the point of the photos? Some people love to be looked at, wanked over, wanked on etc… Personally I have been enjoying seeing the sex put back into mods in posts like these.

  21. >>Personally I have been enjoying seeing the sex put back into mods in posts like these.

    I have found the sex in these photos to be lacking any genuine imagination, same with the comments.

  22. “I have found the sex in these photos to be lacking any genuine imagination, same with the comments.”

    Fair enough.

  23. I feel so lame for pointing this out, but I love her shoes. (: Beautiful woman, end of story.

  24. lol, Giles. She’s posing in a very sexually suggestive manner with obviously sexual tattoos – I do believe this one is QUITE all right with being admired as a sexual creature. Does that make her nothing but? No, of course not. No one even thinks that aside from yourself and a handful of fucking backwards idiots. I think you need to get laid, dude.

    And crunches? Really? Christ, god forbid a woman not look emaciated. Not everyone has a bodytype that looks constantly ripped – she could be incredibly strong and well-muscled but with a genetic predisposition towards having a layer of fat under her skin.

  25. Anyone have an idea on the nipple jewelry? Are those microdermals placed to rest on-top of her nipples? It looks gorgeous from here.

  26. uhm… people taking themselves to seriously is always funny to watch, but never funny to have nearby


    next step is to kidnap and send her to a Rehabilitation Farm, full of children of the earth, ludits and militant vegans, so she can learn to love herself again. Oh, wait, they like to walk butt naked, so it wont do…
    teee heee 😀

  27. Haha Giles, I’m guessing from the “Lowest form of sick, sexist scum” comment your assuming I’m a guy??? I’m a female thank you very much so I don’t think it’s particularly sexist to think a gorgeous girl posing in naked is sexually exciting. I’d call myself “crude” maybe but definately not sick sexist scum…

  28. pretty sure these pictures weren’t taken with the intention of them being subtley innocent or anything…don’t know what the big deal is about making vulgar comments about photos that were MEANT to be vulgar and provocative.

    and it’s not being sexist or sick by saying dirty things, what, you never talk dirty when you’re fucking?


  29. Giles: Face it, sex isn’t really all that imaginitive. Nearly every permutation that can be conceived of has been done before, documented, and probably has at least one fetish web site devoted to it somewhere, as well as publications and DVDs. Erotic photography, by its nature, is going to be repetetive in the way it depicts sexuality. Try looking at some of the really old porn photos from the late 1800s; they show pretty much the same things that you’ll find in any porn site now. …Only the people had to hold the positions for a lot longer for the photo to be taken. (Thank Dog for advances in film and digital technology!)

    The woman in the photos at the very least posed for the photos, and probably consented for them to be sent to BME with the knowledge that they would be posted. If you don’t believe that people have the right to make choices over their own bodies and sexuality, influenced by ‘the media’ or not, then why are you even here?

  30. theres one lucky dominant out there 😛
    Nice photos, cool tattoos and nice piercings
    pretty girlie too

  31. I’m a big fan of her outer labias too (if I see it right: she have three and I have only two labias; damn!)

    But all in all I’m even bigger fan of yerba mate on first picture 😉

  32. Shannon, you need to run your posts by Giles before publishing them. He obviously has superior intellect and taste. His use of long words and critical prose shows just how clever he is. ALL HAIL GILES! SUPREME MASTER OF THE MODIFICATION SCENE!

  33. (Not only are you the lowest form of sick sexist scum but you truly do paint the community as being immature misogynist trash. The BodyMod female community deserve better than to have you all reducing them to your own wank-fodder)

    I agree, but still, anyone who sends in pictures with their legs spread obviously wants that attention. What would she expect?

  34. Giles – (1) I’ve never made the claim that Modblog represents the “best”. I’ve claimed that it features what strikes me as interesting in one way or another that particular day, or that I think others will appreciate. And I know that a lot of people happen to like “soft core porn” as you put it.

    (2) You’re way out of line telling women how they can present themselves. It’s not as if I’m paying them for a shoot or otherwise subjugating them. This is their decision 100%, and they are choosing how to present themselves in these pictures — it’s not your place to tell them that you, as a man, know better how they should present themselves as women than they do.

    It’s just the same old problem of men trying to control women, just in a different flavor.

  35. I like the tatooes she got but I’m not fond of the piercings she got on her pussy…

  36. 35: Why yes, yes it is.

    36: Go sit on something sharp. Your tiny brain cannot wrap around the fact that this young woman has made a commitment far, far more serious than mere tattoos. And that lack of understanding would be whose problem? Oh, yes, I do believe it would be yours.

  37. wow. reading the comment conversations going on is rather interesting. this is a beautiful mod, with great meaning behind it. she made a commitment to someone; a commitment that she tends to keep by the look of the PERMANENT body modification she had done. most likely at the behest of her (dom/master) man. i’d also like to thank shannon for pointing out to giles that he needs to shut his face when talking about the way women present themselves to society. when a woman takes pictures of herself naked and splayed in an office chair, it’s hard to believe that she’d be offended by someone putting her photo in their “wank bank”. that’s most likely the purpose of the photos. let her get naughty. giles: let your hair down a little. wank once or twice a day. might make you feel a little better.

  38. Everyone of you – sincerely amuse me- very witty and opinionated and so many vast differences in intelligence.
    I can’t say it enough – I love this site.
    I just found it tonight and – it was well worth the time.

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