230 Needle Play Piercing Scene

Jason Hinchee did 230 play piercings on Grace over a three hour period at a tattoo convention where they were promoting Manchester, NH’s Spiderbite. There are a few more photos after the break.




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28 thoughts on “230 Needle Play Piercing Scene

  1. I remember seeing Spiderbite at the Phila Convention last year. Zippy was the reason I decided to get a microdermal rather than a surface bar.

  2. Xeno – The scars really don’t depend on the number of needles but the size of them. I’d guess those are pretty small if there were 230 of them, probably 22-25ga.

    Therefore, I really doubt there will be any lasting scars – longer than a few weeks or a month.

  3. In the 2nd & 4th pics she kinda looks like nicole richie in the face. Weiiiiird!
    Other than that this looks like a lot of fun. She’s a gorgeous girl & I’m in love with her hair.

  4. I would love to get a closer look at her tattoos, especially the back piece!

    And I agree about the hair!

  5. #9 i definately see the nicole richie resemblance in the last one on the left, in the first one with her tongue out i thought she looked kind of like hillary duff. weird. she looks really fun though!

  6. Is that Manchester England? I can’t find anyone decent to do scarifications in England. Grr.

  7. I LOVE her hair colour!

    CrimsonKiss – Manchester, NH = America. But we were Manchester first, so :). I know that Holier Than Thou in the Northern Quarter do scarification, you should pop in and check out the portfolio.

  8. Thats the second time i’ve been modblogged but NOT REALLY modblogged. Cool, but kinda sad. Last time was a picture with no name credit, this time it was a name credit but no picture of me. I shouldnt bitch.

    Oh, and Max, I believe your spread in PAIN magazine was one of Graces inspiration to want to do it in the first place, and she asked me to do it, and I obliged…

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  10. no problem Jason…..I see my stuff copied all the time…..and mostly on this site…..

    looks like you’re off to an OK start…..but what’s with all the purple pen, and the pre-removal bleeding….

  11. she wanted to see where it would be before we started, and as far as pre removal bleeding, she had them in for a few hours, and just normal movement shifted the needles around and a few bled a little.

    And for “off to an OK start” goes, I agree, i wish i had more practice before she asked me to do such a massive session, and i wasn’t completely happy with the results, but i learned a lot from it.

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