Mustaches are coming back in style!



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42 thoughts on “Mustaches are coming back in style!

  1. I had this awesome mustache all handlebar like, but every time I tried to eat ice cream it got covered in it. Thus the stache had to go :\

  2. I thought that would have been obvious to you by now Shannon :-P
    i think this young man needs some wax though, like what I use

  3. I would like to see a thin stripe of facial hair on his chin coming down from his labret. I feel like mustaches are best paired with a little chin scruff.

  4. Do you folks who are in the US have “Movember”?
    Here in Oz, we have this charity ‘event’ every November when men across the country grow moustaches to raise money for men’s health issues, like prostate cancer.

    I always forget it’s on, and then I wonder why I keep seeing all these ‘stached guys around!

  5. Man I can’t wait til I hit puberty so I can grow a mo like that. I have serious facial hair envy right now.

  6. oh theyve been ‘back’ for a while, along with huge scary beards. with the college students around here anyways. i think ive also seen that big scarf thing on others lately too…

  7. The Vandals

    “Power Mustache”

    Mustache is a symbol of repression and of hate
    Never trust a man with a butt broom on his face
    It’s the facial marking of the man who holds you down
    The source of all your problems, every city, every town
    Stalin, Hitler, Schneider, just to name a few
    got to kill the mustache before it grows on you

    Fight! The mustache power! [x3]
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Mustache is authority
    The world is run by assholes
    They try to run our lives from their golden mustache castles
    The Dark Prince was a nazi, his mustache true to form
    instead of arm- band swastikas, mouse ears must be worn

    He terminates employees with the hair above his lip
    cuz in the Fuhrer’s kingdom it’s dictatorship
    We should take his frozen corpse and shave his fascist face
    and make the magic kingdom a truly happy place

    Fight! The mustache power! [x3]
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Pigs across the nation dressed in uniform
    with their gun and badges, a mustache must be worn
    they beat the population with their clubs inflicting pain
    with mustache anonymity, they all look the same

    we must join together till the mustache is removed
    and then we’ll have a party with beer and chicks and food.

    Fight the power!
    Fight the power mustache!
    Fight the power!
    Fight the power mustache!

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