Skewering is a Bastard..

So says BastardBenny.

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

As an aside, if anyone notices the FLV (when you press play, not when you download the DivX) stalling could you let me know which browser and version you’re using please. Ta!

29 thoughts on “Skewering is a Bastard..

  1. I swear to god, you must sit down and write and record the music once you see the video. I don’t know how you do it.

    Having said that, the video itself is kinda hypnotic. I wonder how blunt that thing is.

  2. I love the way it looks, but I could never do it myself. Loved his reaction when he got it through the first side haha. His method of pushing it through the second cheek reminds me of how I stretched my ears when I was an idiot. XD

  3. Yeah, I totally loved his reaction, too…it was an awesome, ‘Sweeeeeeeeet, I fucking did it!’ look…such satisfaction. Kudos to him.

  4. I don’t think it will be much of a problem. He’s probably gonna take it out a few seconds afterwards, have some alcohol, and blow it out through his cheekholes, and all will be fine.

  5. man, the flv works fine here, i run vista / IE 7.0.6001.
    but the fullscreen mode does not work, volume control is OK.
    i use the same player V 3.12, and have code like this to allow fullscreen:


    maybe it helps or anyway, you did not want to allow fullscreen

    the vid looks damn fine ;-)

  6. haha I just realized the disclaimer thingie above the comment box (If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.) great stuff lolol. nice going with the skewer btw :D

  7. That’s pretty cool, I want to get around to skewering my cheeks at some stage as well. I might try and find something a little sharper though…

    Haha :D

  8. I’ve just installed and activated a new FLV player which allows us to use posters (essentially large thumbnails) as a preview..

    All 109 video entries have been edited to reflect the change, so again, if anyone notices any problems let me know.

    Ta x 2.

  9. I love the looks he’s making, it’s how I feel when I do any kind of DIY (though mine aren’t even that intense.) It’s like that decision to do it, then the “Oh Shit” in the middle, and then the “Fuck YES” at the end haha…and it’s all smiles from there. I love it.

  10. I guess I’ve never seen it done, but I always assumed you’d put a piercing needle on the end of that so it’d go through easy. The grind, grind, push harder, grind, method doesn’t seem like much fun.

  11. well whatever … we are all allowed to write our opinions as long as we don’t insult anyone on the personal level. THAT looks Completely Stupid and Unsafe. To me it looks jsut as a showing off in front of friends. Nice idea though but not the way it was perfomed at this video.

  12. this is so empowering and so emotional. i was frozen in my seat staring at the beauty of it. i’ve felt very strongly about body modification, but this made me feel like nothing ever before. maybe it was the DIY / blunt skewer / unsafeness of it that hypnotized me.

  13. This is how I did my DIY belly button when *I* was younger and more stupid. The push-twist-shove is a pretty intense experience… Definately an adrenaline rush.

    His expressions are really beautiful, there’s a lot of emotion there.

    I would *not* suggest my method to anyone, however, it did heal beautifully; quickly and without any infection. Almost three years later and it’s still perfect.)

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