John Joyce (Scarab) Interview Posted

I’m very happy to present this many years overdue interview with John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts. It’s a long read, but worth it — I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Click through to read it now, and come on back here to comment.

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54 thoughts on “John Joyce (Scarab) Interview Posted

  1. Great interview. I love his views on knowledge, and work ethic. Wonderful work, both to John, and Shannon.

  2. John Joyce is an inctredible human being. Very knowledgable about his craft and so many other things, with a constant desire to learn more and better himself and better the lives of people around him. He’s silly and serious all at the same time, loving, and devastatinglt attractive… I know all this and have never atuallky even met the man! Thank god for IAM and curse the distance between Syracuse and Boston! Someday, John Joyce, someday. And you’re right, this interview is long overdue. Thanks, finally.

  3. I really wish i had i job i cared about. this dude really seems to have found his.

  4. Now that this article was posted and I’m obsessively checking modblog to see all the wonderful things people have to say about John Joyce (as I do whenever his work is posted, fan club president or crazy stalker, take your pick) I have to say, John, I apologize for the spelling error-riddled praise I gave you before, your amazingness at leasts deserves spell-check!! Oh, you’re just so wonderful. :)

  5. Fantastic interview. Would that more piercers had the presence of mind and dedication to their craft that John Joyce does–we’d all be in better shape!

  6. That was great interview…John really seems to know his shit and the photos exhibit some amazing work. Great job Shannon on the interview and some seriously big ups to John Joyce!! I wish I knew someone of his skill caliber in South Florida. If anyone does let me know.

  7. Honestly, John did all the work on the interview — I didn’t even need to do follow-up. His work ethic absolutely extended to his answers and he made my job very easy!!!

  8. I really loved reading this interview – brain candy nicely combined with eye candy and John Joyce seems to be a piercer everyone would love to go to.
    Thumbs-up for a great perspective both on learning, attitude changes over time and insight into the “shop life” – sure it’s not all that as glamorous as we like to think, so let’s better keep it in mind.
    yep, it must be one of the best and most interesting ones lately. Thanks for that!

  9. John Joyce is an amazing piercer and this interview certainly was long overdue. Syracuse is lucky to have someone so talented and such a reputable studio! I still recommend him to anyone who asks me about where to go for piercing/scarification work in central NY.

  10. What a brilliant and beautiful article! It’s so nice to read about someone who obviously has such a passion and love for their work. There is such a small percentage of people in this world who truly put their all into everything they do, and John’s obviously one of them. After hearing so much about John through my time on IAM and reading through BME and ModBlog, I’m so happy I finally got to hear about him in his own words! Thanks a ton, Shannon, and thank you, John!

  11. WOW just WOW! BEST interview SO far from my point of view! He definetely changed my mind about scarification. I’m still not ready for one but now i am thinking about it. Anyone knows good artists in Sweden?

  12. i loved every letter of the interview
    it really show what hard work it is but also how most clients are happy of what you did

  13. I’m so glad you interviewed John. I’ve had a branding piece and my septum done by him, and the procedures were both top-notch. I ask him questions about my lobes all the time, and he’s a wealth of knowledge.

    I’m so glad I found him – he’s so close and does awesome work.

  14. i absolutely adore john. i go to him and mike for pretty much everything, and i’m totally bummed that i’ve moved over 6 hours away now :/ he is a great guy, totally professional, really sweet. i would recommend him to anyone. *hugs

  15. I am so glad to see this interview and it is indeed overdue. I have been going to see John for all my piercing work now for 5 years. From the first thing I had done (my septum) until now he has been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend that anyone in the area and beyond go see him. Awesome interview!

  16. I once got my hip pierced by another piercer, and it got infected quite badly. The artist told me that it was just because my body didn’t want jewelry and would reject any such surface piercing. I heard about Scarab through a friend, and went there to see if it was possible to get my hip re-pierced. John Joyce did my hip, and not only did it not get infected or reject, it healed incredibly quickly and I’ve never been so comfortable getting anything done. He runs the best place in central New York to get a tattoo or piercing, and is an incredibly helpful and talented person. I’m so glad you interviewed him!

  17. Everything about him is just so sexy. Like the fact he is very humble and that you can tell he is talented from seeing his work and seeing the fact that people totally have his back even just here on the comments.

    :) Very nice interview, probably my favorite.

  18. Now THAT’S an interview! (Not that the others weren’t.)
    He’s got a lot of class. Talent AND humilty! Plus, he’s a cutie =)

  19. Awesome interview. much respect to this man.
    Shannon, since he mentioned Brian, and since i see some of his work on here a bunch, im suprised you havn’t interviewed him yet.

  20. Like the others said, AMAZING interview. I learnt a lot from it and it makes me feel good to know there are people out there with the knowledge / desire to learn everything there is to know about their craft – it’s a very refreshing attitude. I’m now interested in the shading side of scarification, I’ll be doing some research on this asap!

    One of the greatest things in life is finding someone who loves what they do with theirs.

  21. John is my hero! He’s done almost all of my piercings and theyve all been amazing.
    I had my scarification done by John too and with the stories he mentioned in the interview he always makes the time go by quick! I feel so comfortable with him. I recommend John 100% to anyone who ever makes a comment about my piercings. He’s the only reason I ever go back to Syracuse! (I just have to make sure I have enough money before I go see him though!) :P
    Honestly, I love him!

  22. John is THE BEST, bar none, body mod practitioner I have ever had the pleasure of having work on me. Fortunately for me, he is a 7 minute drive from my house, and I am actually on my way out the door to go have him punch a big hole in my ear! Awesome to see him interviewed; thanks so much, Shannon, for bringing it to us. Seriously, if you have the opportunity to have John work on you, be it piercing, branding, or whatever, DO IT.

  23. That was a really nice, warming interview to read. The sheer love of the craft really came through, I only hope that I can put the same work, effort and love into piercing in the future!

  24. I have to say that John is definately an amazing person! He pierced my tongue about 2 years back and I couldn’t beleive what an astounding job he did. Not to mention the healing time and minimal pain. If anyone gets a piercing John is your man. Same with any modification if you like and no one else does who cares its your body you are the one that has to live with it. Thanks John…wonderful interview!

  25. That was a wonderful interview to read. Unfortunately I’m a thousand miles away from his studio. One thing I really appreciate about John is he has never stopped giving good information to the general piercing community. He at times is rather tireless in answering basic questions on websites like livejournal or BME by people who are not his clients and struggle with basic aftercare or jewelry information. I think it is very telling of his giving nature and love for the craft.

  26. John is pretty dang awesome. I’ve hung out with him a time or two, and he did a very nice favor for me while I was in Syracuse this past January.
    Also, Scarab Body Arts has to be one of the most beautiful shops I’ve ever been in, and John was kind enough to give me a tour. The massage room is to die for!

  27. WOW!!! thank you so much to everyone for all these wonderful comments, I really appreciate it.

    many thanks to Shannon for the opportunity.

  28. Johns awesome, glad to see he is being interviewed. I’ve never told anyone to go anywhere but Scarab for piercings. I’ll be in soon!

  29. Wow Shannon, wonderful interview. Back when you posted the Johnny Thief interview THIS is what I wanted to see in a piercing interview. Not to discredit the interview with Anders the piercing guy :-p, but this had more of what I was looking for. Love the interview series.

  30. This was probably my favorite interview you’ve posted in the last two months. I loved the questions, and answers. All in all a very good read, and a very talented guy.

  31. Really enjoyed that interview and if my travels ever take me near John Joyce I will not pass up the opportunity of meeting him and getting some work done. Truly inspirationl.

  32. Love this interview. If I ever find myself in syracuse ill definetly be stopping by to get some work done by him. Its great to see someone who loves his job & likes helping other people out. You don’t find that in many piercers out here in kansas.

  33. Amazing interview! John seems like a great guy. I’d love to have some work done by him in the future. My thanks goes out to Shannon for bringing this to us.

  34. Okay, I haven’t had time to read the interview yet but I just thought I’d say the front pic is BEAUTIFUL.

  35. I can only second what everybody else said before me. Really amazing read. All the recent interviews have been of exceptional quality, and I sincerely hope there’s more to come!
    This is what I love about BME!

  36. Wicked interview…and Im a really huge fan of his tattoos..they suit him very well…Im pretty much in love with his back work.

  37. Awesome!
    great interview!

    John gave me my first piercing… and ever since then I wont go to anyone else, I refuse! haha.. His work is simply amazing.

    Thanks again John.

  38. John really is an amazing guy. It’s about time he got featured on here. =0P He’s done almost all of my piercings, and I only wish I knew about him earlier instead of all the heartache and research to find someone qualified to do my scalpelling work. A 2 hour drive each way to his shop, but it’s worth it 10x over for his quality of work and knowledge. Ask him anything about piercing and he can go into so much detail about the field and everything inbetween. Can’t wait to check out the new piercing room that was recently done! =0D

  39. Wow, those scarification pieces are BADASS, but OUCH!! Oh man, I couldn’t imagine going through that pain!! They look so painful!! Are they much worse then tats?

  40. John Joyce, you’ve inspired me to drastically increase my knowledge of body piercings as well as scarification. I kind of regret moving away from where I used to live because I knew where to go if I had questions and needed an honest answer. I’m starting from scratch over here lol. I will try my best though to gather as much knowledge as possible and find a reliable source in any of the body mod shops in this city.

    If at all possible, can you or any one reading this, recommend a list of literature to start with?

  41. hah, bout time i saw this interview, its quite the good read and making me all the more anxious to decide what i want pierced, im looking into a bridge, and ive seen alot of your work and i lov ehow he respects quality and knows alot. ive pretty much decided yoru the only person im going to getp ierced by (or shelly, i wouldnt mind letting her experiment with somethign small if your looking for a guinea pig for her) i dont live to far from you and i consider myself quite lucky for that too, hopefully ill see you soon john, cant wait to get pierced by you.

  42. “maria: That pic was taken in the Adirondacks, on the Moose River.”

    …better yet, I’m 99.9% sure it was taken in my hometown of Old Forge. The spot is commonly known as Lock and Dam.

    I actually recognized it while I was randomly browsing the site and it kind of freaked me out, in a deja-vu kind of way. :D

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