Nostril Piercing Scene

I love this photo of Vern piercing Trevorz nose on so many levels… It’s like a mini-version of the Last Supper or something with all the little details and character interactions.


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53 thoughts on “Nostril Piercing Scene

  1. oh this is adorable. especially the holding hands. i’d assume he’d use disposable forceps since he doesn’t have an autoclave. makes sense to me!

  2. Dani, speaking from experience (I’ve gotten my nostrils pierced 4 times, two by a professional, and the ones I have right now are by myself and my brother), they hurt quite a fucking lot. Some people are better at hiding the pain, is all. I try to be as stoic as possible during a piercing and most people can’t tell it hurts when they watch me.

  3. Out of my dozens of piercings, nostrils were a fucking twat. They hurt ridiculous amounts.

  4. Aww, this picture makes me smile :) What good buddies to stick it out with him :) I like the hand holding – it reminds me of when I was little and my mum held my hand to help me get my ears pierced :)

  5. i just had one of my nostrils pierced twice the other day and i whinged like a bitch. maybe its just because having someone doing something painful right up in your face is more invasive, but i’d rate them as one of the more painful piercings ive had.

    im with everyone else on the hand holding – heaps cute!

  6. Yeah nostrils hurt, but high nostrils hurt fucking worse! But nice picture, it does make your face screw up like that.

  7. I can’t really see what’s going on here- maybe it’s a gauge or technique thing, but I’ve had my nostril done twice (2nd time through scar tissue) and it hardly hurt at all. Perhaps 15 years of migraines have screwed with my pain tolerance.
    Great photo, though!

  8. hahah yeah i agree with all of you above me who say nostril piercings are painful, they fucking hurt!!!

    and my face twisted up just like that when i got mine done, my friend was almost on the floor laughing because i looked so stupid.

    all of that aside, am i the only who thinks he may be really cute?

  9. I’m glad the first response was about him holding his balls, its the first thing I noticed. Nose piercings do hurt. I did my nostril made me think twice about going for the septum since thats more sensitive.

  10. My septum was painless. My nostril was ok. My high nostril hurt like HELL (and I won’t be doing the other one). I prefer DIY because no one has to see me grimace and stuff ;)

  11. Like everyone else said. Getting my nostril pierced was THE most painful piercing I’ve had yet. I thought it was gonna be so easy and painless but damn was I wrong. To this day it is still the most painful one I’ve had done.

    And he looks cute!

  12. I feel really weird. I got both my high nostrils done and they didn’t hurt at all. The only thing that happened was my eyes watered.

  13. Haha, yes disposable forceps. I used them because i have no receiving tubes. Which is also why i had to pull it up, to get it straight without hitting anything else.

  14. I feel for his pain face! I have had about 20 piercings and I think my (18g!) nostrils were by far the worst! I thought they would be easy because they are so common. Very wrong.

  15. Jesus! That’s making me think twice about getting mine done! I’m totally in agreement with all the other people who thought it nostrils would be low-pain piercings. bummer.

  16. Really? I’m very surprised that a lot of people found them so painful. I closed my eyes during mine so I wouldn’t go boz-eyed and distract the piercer. After a while of not feeling anything but what felt like her trying to position the needle on my nose, I asked what was going on. The jewellery was in my nostril!

    But yeah, this is a really awesome picture. A bit more chiaroscuro and it’d be a bit Caravaggio, haha!

  17. I idn’t cringe when I got mine…i dunno, just felt the difference of the needle going skin-cartillage-skin

  18. i have high nostrils and septum and they both hurt so much. ! definitely feel his pain !! i love this photo though :)

  19. This photo is so lovely!
    I’ve been told nostrils hurt, but neither of mine did.
    I like the hand-holding :)

  20. Some piercings hurt more than others, but I don’t understand why some people let that get in the way of their decision to get a specific piercing. Anyone that is pierced knows that the pain is temporary and the end justifies the means. I approach every modification that I have with the mindset that pain is trivial and that pain has no place. This usually works to reduce the pain, but then again the pain doesn’t matter in the first place.

  21. gothicskater: you’re right on that, I always tell myself that any way, two days later I won’t be thinking about it (well, it wasn’t the case when I got my tongue split, but that’s because of the sutures haha!) and I just go for it =)

  22. i guess that the pain of nostril piercings is different for everyone. maybe it depends on how thick the nostril is, because getting mine pierced hurt a bit (not like “WAAAAAAA!!” but more like “OW!”) and i have thick nostrils

  23. Pain is relative to the person…I couldn’t even feel it when my nostril was pierced. Could also be posing for the pic. But…what if his hand jerked and he squeezed his balls too hard or something?

  24. I love the way his friend is holding his hand. Reminds me of how a friend had to hold mine when I had my nostril done because OMG that shit hurts! I’ve had my septum pierced since and whilst a septum is a 1 on the pain scale (1 being nothing, 10 being OMFG I’M ABOUT TO DIE!) the nostril was about a 4 or 5.

  25. i’ve had about 40 piercings done and nostrils hurt the most out of all of them. more than nape, more than septum, more than monroes… more than everything.

  26. I have had both my nostrils done, have to say they didn’t hurt nearly as much as my lip, eyes really watered though which was a bit strange.

  27. You know you’ve got a true bud when he’ll hold your hand when you get a sensitive piercing.

  28. 36> I go into every piercing expecting it to be VERY painful. Then when it’s not, I’m relieved.

  29. Buaaaaah! Reminds me of when i got mine done. Nostril piercings sting so good.

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