Genital Splitting

It surprises me that a lot of the time when I post genital splitting photos, there’s a chorus of people ask “why?” The simple answer is that because genitals are saturated with nerves, it feels good to have more of them exposed — as painful as one assumes the initial procedure is (although really, it isn’t). If you don’t mind guy on guy, click through for some evidence (and there is of course loads more in BME/extreme and BME/HARD).




110 thoughts on “Genital Splitting

  1. I don’t care how many nerves there are.
    Genital splitting is disturbing.

    This one definitely isn’t as bad as some but others that slpit further look like they will never heal, surely be infected and probably removed completely.

    Also, who the hell would lick that?
    I think it would be even more disturbing to see a girl do it.
    Not hot in the slightest.

  2. it’s too bad #2 is so close minded.
    i’m a big fan of genital splitting, i’ve been with a boy who’s had his split just about as far as the ones in the pic, and i’d say i like the look of it better. (he definitely liked the feel! 😉 )
    good on with you guys!

  3. i love the demonstration!
    I no longer have to wonder how far down a urethra you could shove your tongue 😀

  4. #2 How insulting.

    Aside from the deja vu going on with #2s comment, I think it is marvellous.

    The only thing I find disturbing about the photo is imagining how prickly that guys beard would be if it came into contact with such a sensitive area! Ow.

  5. @#2 – you can’t remove a split. Once it’s done, it’s done. Perhaps it can be reversed, but that (surgical) procedure would involve more risk and pain than the original cutting. As for infection, since there’s no fistula or pocket, there’s less risk for infection in a split than a piercing. Nowhere for the bacteria to get trapped.

  6. I must say that the thing that disturbed me most was the “if you don’t mind guy on guy” disclaimer.

  7. @ #2 Your worst nightmare could be true… Transgender bearded manlady anyone?

    hey, maybe sHe’s fertilised as well…

  8. #13-

    NOOO! Not the transgender bearded manladies!

    I think that would make a good cartoon. I’m thinking “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”, but with bearded manladies instead…


  9. “Eeww Gross”. “Hyuck, hyuck, transgender manladies”.

    Does noone read the bit where it says “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.”

  10. #2, how is that different from licking an unmodified penis? It looks well healed… How do you feel about bifurcated tongues?

    #14, I agree! I don’t normally find the longer splits aesthetically appealing, but this one, especially combined with the piercing, is about the most attractive thing I’ve seen done to a penis.

  11. I’m a bit uneasy with the references to “manladies” here – the guy is question is a man, not a lady, and certainly not freakshow material. Transgendered/transsexual people get enough flak as it is. And Anonymous Coward – it’s He, not sHe.

    Regarding this entry, quite hot photos there, I can understand the appeal more now!

  12. How is it that disgustingly insulting comments like #2 get through, but others have been suspended for far less?

    Otherwise, it’s a hot picture and they both look like they’re enjoying the split.

  13. Comment #2

    your comment was uncalled for.

    it was basically insulting the mod and the person.

    i think the split and the piercing is awesome

  14. Comment #2

    your comment was uncalled for.

    it was basically insulting the mod and the person.

    i think the split and the piercing is awesome

  15. #22 says it all.
    I’ve never really liked splitting but these pics are great!

  16. Jimbo: I think anyone who takes offence to a mild piece of ridicule (#13) directed AT a post (#2) which contributes to the doing down of others for their choices and/or non-choices can be easily seen for what it is.

    If you want to think that I’m in some way insulting/denigrating the life choices, lifestyles, facial hair, gender, sexual orientation, genetics, race, education, religion or hair colour of the gentlemen (or ladies) featured in the article through a joke whose bias in favour of tolerance, then you will. I’m sorry for that.

    I don’t think you can ever be sure of what you’re seeing on the internet. Definitely not Modblog.

    Making comments like “It’d be worse if it were a girl” is simply begging to be put away.

    But really, I’m very sorry if you’re offended. I’m overwhelmed with an intense guilt that perhaps only browsing for more hot chics with hot mods (extreme or otherwise) can sate.

  17. #21

    because the person you’re referring to dragged the whole thing all over iam.

    also…i love ftm trannys!

  18. I’m not much of a fan of genital splitting, but this one is quite appealing. I like the length of the split… it seems just right.

  19. @Anonymous Coward – fair enough. I still think that choice of words was inappropriate even in a tongue in cheek sense though, exactly BECAUSE on the internet you can never be sure about what’s meant. There’s so much actual trannybashing going around these here interwebs, it gets a bit weary.

    But your professed guilt is hereby taken as a token of your undying grovelment and I shall join you in browsing for hot modded chicks without delay to put this traumatic experience behind me.

  20. the barbell on the bottom is cool. makes it look like a stitch thats keeping the whole wang from ripping down the middle

  21. That is seriously the most attractive split I’ve ever seen. The length of it is absolutely perfect, in my eyes. Kudos to whomever’s cock that is.

  22. Haha! #2 has been allowed to either prove Shannon’s point or it was actually made by Shannon, who has been in fine wind-up form lately.
    Looolz i can has splitz on my man-bitz!

  23. # 21. Its because it appears that the person who made comment #2 might not be a member of IAM/BME but just an outsider. They dont have an IAM page that you can click on and see they’re moderated or banned. Im sure #2′s comments will be moderated just like anyone one else who is rude.

  24. I second #29, there, Anonymous Coward. The choice of your phrasing sounded disrespectful, whether it was your intention or not. Knowing it wasn’t meant seriously, though, it’s just whatever.

    The photos are incredibly hot, though! Split-cocks are just awesome and nearly instantly sexy, since it opens a whole new window of dirty things you can do with it :} Haha..

  25. I really didnt need the guy on guy action…but hey,if their happy,glad their enjoying each other.
    as for the mods…not as intense as some had here,but wow…wild placement of the peircing

    only thing I can really think of to discribe it is, human on human depiction of a hummingbird at work on a flower

  26. Settle down Adrian, you’re being anal. It was all resolved before it even began and you’re getting all bent out of shape over it.

  27. I was one of the people who asked, “why?” on a different split. This one, however, is much more appealing to me than the ones I have seen here before. I never meant to demean anyone and their choices, I only wanted to know the motivation behind it. I ended up getting a few curt messages back in the comments of that entry.

    What someone finds aesthetically appealing or sexually attractive may not be the same as someone else, but the instances where they may be a little more conservative than others shouldn’t be resented or answered with anger, especially if I express an interest in understanding the choice.

    (This is in no way connected to #2′s post, but rather the mod’s entry.)

  28. God, that’s hot. My specialboy has a wider-than-normal urethra opening, and I love tonguing it… vestiges of the bisexual life. Can’t help but thing how much more fun this would be. 🙂

  29. So what’s the likelihood of that splitting further by accident? I ask because the placing of that piercing is pretty strategic in taking the load off the split and I’m wondering if that might have been part of the idea.

    Also, hot as shit.

  30. Another vote for “HOT” here. I also really love the piercing – it looks amazing!

  31. I haven’t really looked into things like genital spliting but it looks okay actually.. I had imagined it to look quite sore or something. ‘The simple answer is that because genitals are saturated with nerves, it feels good to have more of them exposed …’ this really makes sense as well. 🙂

  32. jesus fucking fuck-fuck! hands down the hottest thing i’ve seen in a long while! thank you for posting it!!!!

  33. first thing that popped into my head is OUCH! but it’s quite curious, not that i disaprove or anything, i just find it curious….!

  34. i love heavy genital mods.

    the most extreme i’ve personally encountered was a head split and a half sub and it was fucking fantastic (sexually and aesthetically).

    i can understand how it isn’t for everyone. it freaked me out the first time i saw it in a picture. but try to understand that this IS something some people are into.

    meh. as Shawn.spc and I have been saying a lot recently….whatever.

  35. Very nice. I like how its just past the head and no further. I also like the frenum.
    #2(Shaun) I’m sure they are both really worried about what you think, not to mention you don’t thinks its hAwT. Oh NoeZ!! psh.

  36. what the hell is up with number 2?

    ok you don’t like it whatever…don’t post a mini paragraph of crap. to each their own…give people some respect for their choices of mods. this is one of the few places people can usually post their “weird” mods and have people accept them and understand their decisions….if you wanna post crap i’m sure they already heard it from 20 other people somewhere else.

  37. Naive Question away..
    following up #56 can these splits get larger? because the other splits i’ve seen posted on here have been really committed but I really like the fact that this is more or less just the head.

  38. These pics are great, I can actually understand why people do this now, I wasn’t sure before. More man on man action on BME please Shannon!

    And #2, I think you missed the point.

  39. “Also, who the hell would lick that?”

    Too funny. I’m sure A LOT of people would lick a split cock, and enjoy every second of it!


  40. im new to splitting and the more hardcore mods, so i just have a question:

    when its split like that, is it really down themiddle through the urethra, or is it posititioned off center so he can still urinate normally?

    ive tried looking to figure out for myself, but i just got distracted by how hot and artistic these pictures are.

    (PS: and if it is down the urethra, may i ask, would it spray when he urinates, and maybe get infected from being split like that and exposed? thanks)

  41. i love how his piercing seems to be keeping it together.
    i don’t have a problem with people’s choices in splitting, but in personally,i don’t find large splits to be particularly attractive. however, i must agree with #33, in that this one is quite attractive, with the split being a nice length.
    Also, i think that it sucks that the second comment on this piece is such a negative one. usually the negative stuff is further down in the comments.

  42. That’s the tidiest looking split ever and the pics are pretty hot (shallow sounding I know).
    YAY guy/guy!

  43. Anybody else notice that Giles didn’t post? Nekkid wimmen, or sexually explicit dirty pitchers of wimmen, and he’s all over it. Genital bifurcation combined with male-on-male action and he’s silent. Interesting double standard.

    If I had the guts, the time to heal in an unstressful situation, and I thought that my wife would go for it, I would happily go the split route myself.

  44. Personally, would not do it… I think. It seems really tempting (increased pleasure, yay!) but I really prefer the athetics I’ve got going on right now, thank you very much.

    Also, awesome photo. Very sexy.

  45. I don’t think I would ever go that far but I was thinking it would be interesting if he was still intact that way in the flaccid state the foreskin would hold both sides together.

  46. its interesting to see but i can’t stop thinking about what a long tongue he has its like the mod doesnt affect me only the tongue

  47. dont get why someone like #2 shaun is even on this site considering how close minded he seems.
    body modification is a wide subject with so many possiblities, it’s personal and this is a place to share it, so he should know better than to make such stupid comments.
    i think his splitting and piercing looks lovely.

  48. #14: that bothered me as well… why should guy on guy stuff require a disclaimer? especially here, where gratuitous sexual content is a daily occurrence? (not complaining about the gratuitous stuff AT ALL… )

  49. Don’t know a huge bunch about splitting, but isn’t it a real health risk, exposing the urethra and all?

  50. I’m with Bobb and WonderRandy on this one; The “guy-on-guy” disclaimer irks me.
    I don’t want to sound like a hysterical PC harpie, ‘caus I’m not, but I don’t see why this audience should be ‘warned’ about gay content, like it’s smething particularly out-of-the-ordinary or likely to offend.

  51. Its worth noting that permanent genital modification has its downside. Imagine this:

    A person is on IAM and is very excited about posting all of their subincision pics on BME. Their subincision gets larger and larger over the months and years, until when erect, very little that resembles a non-subincised penis remains. This person eventually matures and decides to move on past the IAM/BME world and into the real one, to see what sort of fame and fortune is to be had.

    And of course, this person finds that in the real world, almost no one wants to see his erect penis, because it looks bizarre to the “normal” eye. Thus, almost no one wants to fuck him, and he develops a whole new set of neuroses on top of the ones that were behind him slicing up his cock in the first place.

    That person actually exists by the way, and used to be a friend of mine. The problem with mutilated genitals (and if anyone has a problem with the term “mutilated”, you can tell it to my anus) is that it locks you in to this community *forever*.

    Ask yourself if you’re really ready for that.

  52. I know that in choosing my modifications for life- when i was young i thought I needed to factor in how much *different* I would feel once i was “old” about my mods..
    At some point i realized that i am “old”er and haven’t changed- I am who I am. I think it is more dangerous to compensate for hypothetical changes in one’s self based on age rather than embracing yourself and getting to know and celebrate that individual.

  53. 91: “I think it is more dangerous to compensate for hypothetical changes in one’s self based on age rather than embracing yourself and getting to know and celebrate that individual.”

    I agree completely!! of course one must stress the “getting to know” part. it does take careful consideration, but what better person to decide than the individual? and, although I do carefully consider all of my mods (none of which are really very extreme, anyhow), I also embrace the fact that even if I dislike it later… it was something I wanted at some point, and held a lot of meaning. thus it is still a part of me.

  54. i like when the head is split, but sadly i have not had the pleasure to meet anyone willing to…well, let me see and play with their splits…anyway, this is incredibly delicious!!!:D

  55. Probably one of the hottest pictures I have seen so far on BME! Would totally consider getting one myself.

  56. I find genital splitting a little disturbing but I have to admit that’s kinda hot 😉

  57. “it locks you in to this community *forever*”

    Anything you do locks you to the community of those who…like what you do…

  58. i agree with #27… how the hell does a comment like #2 get through? yeah he’s against it.. but its like the old idium “dont have something nice to say…”

    dont fuckin say it.

    yeah #2 you can say it’s disturbing.. youre not losing that right. but if you’re a homophobic guy.. give the rest of us girls and guys who think that this is arousing as fuck a break. i would not mind it at all if my boyfriend would do that!

  59. #91 Your sentiments are spot on… If it is something you feel the need (want or require at the time) then go for it… we all have experiences in life we would like to glorify.
    If it is a tatt, bod mod or life direction manouvre it all relates back to the decision you made at the time, and hopefully that decision is something you can relish for all time… I reckon that split looks AWESOME…. yeehah
    And yeah his mate has a very long tongue… WOOT

  60. For what it’s worth… Everyone should keep in mind that being open-minded means more than just liking strange things – it also means allowing others NOT to like those things. People have strong feelings when it comes to certain things, and genitals are one of them. Open-minded as a person may be, if genital modification aint their thing then a picture like that is HARD TO LOOK AT and will raise strong feelings. #2 could have been nicer about it, and also, clearly doesn’t understand a lot about splitting, but i don’t think he/she tried to say “the meanest thing”. The disclaimer doesn’t mean we’re only allowed to leave “WOW I LOVE IT!” comments. C’mon, keep freedom of speech and open discussion. Then maybe you can change people’s minds… 🙂

  61. I think #2 is right! I am not being judgemental though, as I don’t allow my dislike of the mod to effect my perception of the person that has it. It’s just not for me 🙂

  62. poor #2 – nobody likes you! lol – To each his own, I personally am turned on by it – and I don’t know why.
    Makes me wet…, weird huh?

  63. Oh, hell.. That looks like it would be painful getting it done, and it would be a bitch to take care of during the healing and recovery process, and would certainly hurt if you had to take a leak, but aside from that, the only thing my brain can come up with is “Hey.. whatever. If he likes it, and he’s willing to do it and live with it, whatever.”

    To be honest, being a chick who likes to go down on her man A LOT, I honestly don’t know how I’d respond to that if all of a sudden I were to see that. I guess I’d wonder what his motives were. *shrugs* It wouldn’t bug me that much.

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