Camping Trip Gone Wrong

…or gone very right, depending on your goals.

A while back someone sent me a link to a site that purports to be about on-purpose infestation of pubic lice, which I was reminded of when I got this “mosquito attack” photoshoot, which I figure is in the same arena, related to play piercing, suspension, and other games that use your body’s nervous system in atypical ways to achieve pleasure of one sort or another. Continue reading if you dare.




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62 thoughts on “Camping Trip Gone Wrong

  1. I don’t really see the mod there…bugs squick me out but hey whatever makes you happy.

  2. how would you attract so many mosquitoes? hmm.
    also, i bet he enjoyed it at the time, but what about the days following, and the intense itch? is that part of it too? (or maybe that’s the main reason?)

  3. this grosses me out more than anything I’ve ever seen here… and not because of the ritual or the end result or anything — that’s all fine with me. but just cause bugs gross me out. :S

  4. wow…… i really dont understand why you’d wanna do that,
    But i do understand why you’d take pictures :D
    kinda gross but cool!

  5. Oh man. Whenever I get bitten even once by a mosquito it swells up to the size of a quarter… I don’t even want to think about mosquito-genital interaction. But hey, if you like itchy, oozing bumps (which I guess this guy does), then that looks like fun…

  6. He’s a brave, brave man. I wonder if he did anything specific to attract them.

  7. The real fun started when he came home, dropped his drawers, and said, “Honey, we need to talk…”

  8. oh, woah…that’s so gnaly lookin…i bet the after effects were really intense, not just the itch, but for the total nervous system…wow

  9. This Reminds me of a similar spread of photos only those pics were involving bees! Very interesting indeed! I would be a little concerned for West nile… I would like to see a similar photo maybe with leeches instead.

  10. Perhaps he was offered a thorough dick-sucking? Maybe not the kind he had in mind…

  11. Hahahahaha, 14.

    That it does. I dont even want to imagine how badly that would itch.

  12. bugs are less than sterile.. it wouldn’t gross me out nearly as much if he grew the bugs himself in a controlled environment. I just keep thinking how many diseased animals/people those bugs bit before they bit him.

  13. I *love* scratching mosquito bites.. it feels fabulous! So, I can totally see how this guy could find that pleasurable. I’m not gonna’ try it (and I don’t have a wang of my own – and I suspect my husband won’t let me use his for this project..) but I can see the enjoyment.

  14. My concern is the potential for disease transmission.
    I was in Florida when the West Nile endemic hit. And while mosquito bites have never truly bothered me I’m not too keen on encouraging them. But whatever rubs you the right way I suppose.

  15. i agree with the people talking about diseases!! My sister got something really bad from a mosquito bite and it took her a long long time to get better. Its not like a suspension because you can’t sterilize the equipment first.

    that lovebugz site kind of seems like a joke.. esp the parts about him going to clubs and school and everyone being down with having lice…

  16. Sweet Christ. This post made my cock itchy..and my soul scream. I hate having mosquito bites on my arms..forget about my junk I’d never survive.

    jesus, this is eeeugh. i remember when i was a kid some of my friends would let mosquitoes latch onto them – and then they’d “explode” them by squeezing the area around the mosquito causing them to burst.
    i could never do it. just the sight of a mosquito on my arm caused me to violently slap it.

  18. So is someone really getting off like this, or is this just a guy who doesn’t like paint but really wanted to get his picture on modblog?

  19. Oh no! Insect abuse! Lets all get really upset and talk about animal cruelty for 200 posts! Yay!!

    but seriously, if I was hiking in the woods and saw a guy rubbing his dick in a bed of mosquitos… I’d call the cops.

  20. Like Margaret Cho, I can attest to the weight loss benefits of the malaria diet. Take that, Jenny Craig!

  21. On purpse getting Lice! Nice try, but come on Shannon, it is to early for your annual 1. April prank. Shudder!

    —-> MissJanet runs away from BME/Modblog for the first time in 10 years, only thinking about lice make her all itchy and not in a good way.

  22. SO ITCHY!!!
    But not as painful as that pic on ModBlog a while back of the guy holding a glass on his dick with wasps in it!

  23. This is very interesting to me. But I would never be able to handle it. I can barely handle the itch of when the hair grows back after shaving my business. Plus bugs on private parts even if they don’t bite would scare me a bit. To each his/her own. I’m glad (I hope) he got pleasure from this.

    herekittykitty – WASPS!!!! I must have missed that. I owuld have remembered WASPS! I’m going ot go see if I can find that. That’s very brave.

  24. The guy with the maggots seemed tame in comparison. At least they didn’t leave him with a lasting itch.

  25. I bet this is one of those things you would think was fun… Then once you start itching, something you really regret. LOL I wonder how he attracted so many of them. What ever makes him happy. Be sure to do a follow up on how he delt with the itch please!

  26. I’m trying to figure out which species of mosquitoes those are so I can tell the guy what virus he’s going to wind up in hospital with. Seriously, this is asking for trouble.

  27. kudos for daring to try this out and enjoying yourself(from the 3rd pic, it seems you did!)
    but -kudos for not doing it in a controlled environment.

    hope nothing aside from the intended itching came along with those bites!

  28. i think thats cute looking, but then i love bugs. if he loves bugs on his penis, then cool for him

  29. The lice fetish on is wildest fetish I’ve seen since the Furries/Plushy kink a while back. In fact, what if you’re a Furry and your plush cat suit gets infested with your lice? What a nightmare when you’re two fetishes explode on you! :-)

  30. reminds me of the song “Crab Louse” by Lords of Acid…

    a song about a masochist getting off on having crabs.

    and to think i thought it was just a sick (albeit funny) joke…

    ya learn something new every day!

    thank you modblog.


  31. For some reason it makes me think of Animals – Ricky Gervais where he talks about the kid he knew that pulled the wings off a fly and then used the fly to masturbate while he was in the bath. Wrong, but the way he tells it, so funny.

  32. I can cope with just about anything if it comes to heavy modding, blood play, amputations, etc.

    But I’m really grossed out by bugs on genitals.
    I’ve got the same feeling now as I got with the maggot dude.


  33. Ohmy. That’s making me cringe. aaaahhaaashiit. How can anyone stand that???

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