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I was reading about the bizarre anti-emo riots in Mexico, as well as Sophie Lancaster who was killed for being goth, and was thinking about how strange it is for people who in theory should be on the same side attacking each other. Although I suppose that’s always been one of the ways how the upper class stays in power — by tricking everyone else into fighting with each other. Anyway, I don’t know why all that really made me think of juxtaposing these two photos, but Yael writes of the photos below (including her boyfriend Nuke), that “While some people think that Israel is a desert where people have camels instead of cars, I have some pictures to prove them wrong.”


On the other end of the Israeli social spectrum, Hasson sent in his “Wicked” tattoo — perhaps I am wrong, but I’m guessing he’s more into kicking ass than picking flowers.


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41 thoughts on “Views of Israel

  1. Awsome…Israel is a beautiful and troubled place. Thank you Shannon for giving a glimpse of that.

    Also, our community has always had trouble within it, not just with the gothic and emo groups, but also between straight edge and non- straight edge…I know the sXe kids on here will have words otherwise, which is fine, but I will always remember seeing a kid get the shit beat out him by a group of XXX kids for smoking a cigarette in the parking lot in front of a show.

    Im sure everyone here will agree that tolerance is at least the first step towards bringing our world togeather.

  2. Israel is such a beautiful place. Thank yo for the photos.
    The anti-emo riots are really troubling though.

  3. #4 – I feel that you’re perpetuating the exact thing Shannon is discussing in this post.

    Also, I love the first two pictures because the flowers are so vivid in color.

  4. I like the first couple of pictures. The red flowers look really pretty.

    The article about Sophie Lancaster is depressing though. “Although she and Mr Maltby realised their appearance could sometimes get them into trouble – he had been attacked previously – they refused to alter their image because of the ignorance of others.” People shouldn’t have to change their appearance out of fear of being attacked or criticized.

  5. I find the emo riots both disturbing, and funny at the same time. I find it hard to believe that Punk Rockers would bully someone for being gay, but for being emo..yea I buy that. The goth artical is deeply disturbing…seems history does repeat itself.

    As for sXE kids…I don’t buy any of thier claims…not one…they eat sugar like it’s going out of style, and as someone currently trying to quit sugar can tell you, it’s as strong of a drug as nicotine!

  6. i was very nearly killed when i was younger because i was punk(things havent changed either)and the chances of takin a beating are 50/50 over here which is a sad fact of life but i do agree that on one level the emo riots are disturbing but on another i found it pretty funny too,meh!

  7. i was shocked when reading those articles… i use to get stares and teased alot in high school for being a goth.. but to be hated THAT much for a subculture you are part of.. THAT scares me….

    and for someone who studied music subcultures in school.. rockabilly and emo and goth are branches of the punk scene… why fight within that community…? and to blame their sexuality….?? because i am sure there aren’t any homosexuals in the punk or rockabilly scene.. pfft..

    the world is doomed….

  8. the homophobic thing dosent run in the punk scene where i am at all infact 99% of the kids i know are hardcore opposed to all that shit be it race,sexual preference etc,the reason a lotta punx have a problem with emo is that they are percieved to follow fashion but to an extent everyone does
    streetpunk-mohawk,studded leather
    crust-dreads,black patched clothes
    hardcore-nikes,work jackets
    an so on an so forth

  9. Israel isn’t a desert….. its covered in poppies.

    opium poppies.

    Much better!

  10. I find it odd, and sad, that people judge others based on a ‘look’. All sorts of music genres have their own uniforms. Yet, people who conform to these styles often judge others who conform to a different style. If you like black metal and you’re wearing a band t-shirt and boots you can’t really criticize someone who likes mainstream music and wears clothes from the mall, or someone who is into emo and has that look down. It’s all conformist and it’s all the same thing. None of this is original, and there’s nothing really wrong with that either.

  11. Yea I don’t know about the emo riots thing, I know here most punks tend to be against homophobia and stuff, although you get bad apples in any bunch right. The other story was horrifying for real.
    I’ve definitely been involved in confrontations because of my musical tastes and dress, plus the piercings and stuff (esp. when I used to have more in my face) when I lived in Northern Ontario… and I’m a really non-confrontational person in general. People just wouldn’t let me be, especially in highschool… it’s sad that it can end up in such extreme violence like this.

  12. the anti-emo riots just strike me as being compkletely wrong

    i’ve had bricks thrown at me in the past for dressing like i do (punk style), and get verbal abuse most days, and i view this as being simply part and package of being who i want to be

    scene/emo kids tend to annoy me, but i have friends who are emo’s, and can’t understand what would engender that level of hatred

  13. I love those Israel pictures. One of the first Hebrew phrases I had to learn quick when I visited was “Ze lo ka’av,” which means “It didn’t hurt.” Israelis, Muslims, Ethiopians — everyone asked questions about my lobes!
    Am Yis’rael chai, and lovely photos.

  14. I live here in mexico and it is a very big deal right now, its like either your emo or you hate emo its really weird actually I mean i dont really like their looks but whatever rocks their boat. I mean even at universities you see people shouting at emo kids to go kill themselves and the like…

  15. Those first two pictures are really, really nice.
    As for the anti-emo thing, I can’t understand how anyone here sees that as ‘funny’.
    Will it still be funny after an emo kid is murdered because of the way they dress?

  16. That was amazing. I wish that would happen here in America. Were too goddamn soft for anything like that though…

    And I especially love the “Parental Warning: Emo is Gay” sticker!

  17. #26 – sure, the minute Israel gets out of the occupied territories and pulls down the wall that separates the Palestinians into their own little townships and generally starts behaving like the liberal democracy it claims to be, I’ll come visit. Until then, the boycott remains.

  18. Violence against emos by the punks and goths?? sort of like the nazi rainbow unicorn tattoo?

    but honestly nothing surprises me anymore. except that it took 27 comments before some one brought up the whole Israeli-Palestinian issue.

  19. #27-
    Not that I am in any way getting into this political debate, but let me just say this..
    when I was 14 my dad told me to never fight or stand up for a cause I don’t fully understand. I suggest that you respect the fact that you have nothing to do with the condition of either palestinians or israelis, and that you don’t live here, or know the whole story, or in general have any idea what the supposed occupation started at, and don’t talk about things you don’t really have the full objective knawledge of. I in no way disrespect your view or am even saying your’e wrong (neither right obviously), i’m just saying you shouldn’t yell “facist” at every news story you see.

  20. that article on young sophie lancaster was heartbreaking…she looked so happy in her picture…the ironic thing is that people like sophie and her boyfriend are the ones that get the reputations for being violent/aggressive…

  21. Hey, number 32 – you assume a lot about a person based on a two-sentence comment. You don’t know me, where I’m from, what I know and why I hold the opinions that I do, so I’d thank you to keep your opinions that are essentially made up of thin air to yourself.

    And I’ve re-read my post and I do not see the word “fascist” in there anywhere, so either engage with what I’ve written and not what you want to see, or STFU…


  22. The wierd thing in mexico for someone looking in from England, is that over in the UK rockers, technos, hippies, Goths and Emo’s are all pretty much the same. our counterpart is the towny, trendy, chav. It just make strange reading rockers picking on Emo and in such organised numbers! Years ago it was Mods vs Rockers this followed days of rockabilli vs townies always the alternative as had main stream aggressors.
    The Sophie Lancaster case is the extreme of this aggression. Unfortunately it was bound to happen, and a tragedy it is. Townies or chavs are a vocal minority of unruly types. Each of these groups has its extremes this time it was deadly, although living in the UK it feels like they are becoming more the norm, unruly , obnoxious groups ruling by fear and force.

  23. #33 – i have no idea how well you know the situation with the Palestinians here in israel, but you need to understand that there are two sides to this story. i used to be against the wall, but after i realized that the number of terror attacks reduced and i can actually go to the mall without saying goodbye to my loved ones – i did’nt know what to think any more.
    i know that the palestinians have enough reasones to hate israel’s governmnent, but is it realy everybody’s falt?
    do i deserve to die becouse my government decided to build the wall or to bomb a terrorist?
    people are being killed every day, on both sides, and there is a solution needed – but terror is not the answer. neither does occupation or a stupid wall.
    and in conection to what you originally said – if you do visit israel you will find enough pro-palestinians israelies that would be happy to go and protest against the wall or the army or against israel in general(:

    anyway, israel is amazing, regardless everything you think about it. you really should come and vizit..

  24. Paul, I was being fairly polite considering you were basicaly bashing my country, and your’e being nothing but an asshole.
    I Wasn’t going to get into the political debate in this but your’e just asking it so here we go.
    Israel did not occupy, israel is a country, given to us by law and in a fair manner. we have seen our mothers, mothers, grandparents, children and so on die in restaurants, malls etc because of suicide bombs for years. I don;t know if you have any idea what that’s like, living when everyday something awful like that happens and you start calling every single person you know to check up if theyr’e alive or not.

    I Love how one terrorist act on the united states makes right of an entire war (both on a nation and on democracy in general) but Israel lives in constant fear of terror, has it’s children die in the army, and none of it justifies any action we take. please. i’m not saying wer’e entirely right, nor am I saying that palestinians are. each saide has it’s bad people and good people. in cases of war you sometimes don’t get the privilage of making that distinction. and every country makes military mistakes- but Israel is in no way intentionally killing innocent people (in fact, in many cases we take greater risk to our own soldiers in order to minimize innocent casualties in military opporations).
    we are not the evil occupier many TV channels make us up to be, you need to remember that this is our country. we want to be fair, but this is a very delicate situation. because it is, we would appreciate it if everybody around would shut the hell up while both sides try to fix it instead of causing more problems for everyone.

    Any problems between us, only Israel and the palestinians will take care of them, and several individuals brought into the matter. everyone else should just mind their own wars and keep quiet while the affiliated sides talk between them.
    oh and also, just for being rude Paul dear, shut the fuck up.

  25. Number 37, the simple fact is that the Israeli-Palestine conflict has a huge effect on world politics. People are bound to have an interest in it, and an opinion on it. You may of course deem those opinions not adequately based in first-hand experience, but you can’t fault people for having them. The situation affects everyone.

    It is ridiculous to pretend that this is a private affair. Don’t underestimate how much the Israeli state itself depends on the support from other nation states.

  26. i’m not saying people can’t have an interest in it, obviously.. sometimes outside people’s opinions get overwhelming is all. because, it’s so difficult handling arguments about it in between us as it is.. and you want t stay true to your country, and you want to stay true to your own ideals.. it’s very heart tearing. and having other people come in the mix and everything.. it’s very hard.

  27. MaybeJuly:

    It’s important for the rest of the world to be aware of what’s going on in the wars of other countries. If not, for example, World War I and II may have turned out much differently. What happens when other countries don’t intervene or speak out is the Rwandan genocide.

    and just as a side note: many people call it the Israeli occupation because, although the land was given by law, it forced the people who were already living there (i.e. the Palestinians) out without their consent.

    Then throw religion in the mix…now that’s a nasty situation…

  28. That article about sophie made me cry and cry. I’ve just moved to England a year ago and little chavs like those boys are a dime a dozen no joke. I cannot believe what a plague on society they are and it is truely frightening.

    It took me a while to feel afraid of kids aged 10 to 16 years old because i didn’t see them as anything but kids wearing track suits being out late at night. But after a while gangs of chavs are terrifying to see while alone.

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