João’s a Kee-Pa!

I’m sure you’ll agree after you’ve watched this video of João‘s O-Kee-Pa suspension (more) in Petrópolis, Brazil..

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He’s definitely a keeper!

31 thoughts on “João’s a Kee-Pa!

  1. Wow, that was amazing! Makes me want to do my own suspension even more…
    I kinda wish the two guys hadn’t started swinging him though, before that it looked so serene and calm, and in such an amazing location too. Still, its always fun to take advantage of a guy on a hook haha! Im amazed he looked so calm though, I’ve heard this is one of the most painful suspensions, and then to be moved as well!

    Great vid.

  2. João e Valnei apavorando heim… Como sempre, resultou num ótimo vídeo! A trilha sonora do Moby intaum, fecho legal :)

  3. Congratulation Joao! Beautiful chest suspension. How long were you up? Did you experience any kind of an altered state like I did? Obrigado, Fakir

  4. every time I see something like this I get all giddy. Where are all these beautiful wooded areas with shady looking folks with hooks lurking about?! Not here, for sure .ahh, florida. the no-fun-mods state.

  5. a slight revision there. I probably just dont look hard enough. there’s always somebody doing this sort of thing, regaurdless of local laws, I just gotta find ‘em.

  6. Awesome location to do that in. Just the perfect time of day. I loved that absolutely everything was done in as sterile a situation as possible (Considering outdoors, but cmon, still very professional)

    There was no reaction on Joao’s face at all when the hooks went through which I was a little surprised about. But all in all, I loved it. Its a keeper.

  7. Great suspension. Seeing a video of the entire process was so much better than just seeing photos.

    Oh, and the song is Porcelain by Moby, for those who wanted to know.

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