72 thoughts on “Yes, but where are they?

  1. Whey, actually got one right. Makes me feel a bit better for being completely stumped by the last one…

    Impressive tunnels too!

  2. Wow, thats possible? He must’ve cut the circulation off to his testicles a long long time ago.

  3. wowwww!
    I think it’d be really funny if shannon posted one of these and it ended up being a totally “normal” or “vanilla” piercing / in a non-genital/ass location.

  4. I guessed right but wasn’t prepared for the total click thru pic! Holy Crap thats intense O.O !

  5. uao! this is very sweet. i’m sad, because i will not see any pictures more…

    nice cut & nice mods.

  6. Is that where he pisses/cums? ’cause if he ever wanted kids it’s gonna be an awkward love making…. Unless you do the whole turkey baster thing but wheres the fun in that? Sexuality aside, it’s an awesome mod. Very well done.

  7. I would think because the option is there, aesthetics, sexual pleasure and so fourth. Also some Psychologists might bring up ideas that there might be deeper ‘issues’. I won’t go there, I personally think its part of self discovery. To quote 50 cent “like syphilis, you stuck with this.”

  8. actually i think he did it for sex, but not for reproduction. when he has an orgasm it probably feels like nothing you or i could even imagine.

  9. I didn’t think syphilis was all that permanent?
    Personally I’d never do something like that to my little man, but the looks he’d get the first time he showed that to someone that hasn’t sean anything like that before would be more then worth it.

  10. maria (27) – shannon explained this quite succinctly in a post a day or two ago. the inside of the penis *also* feels good, and exposing the areas which the extra nerves alters (or enhances) the sensation.

  11. Sweet Yetti of the sarenghetti!!! at first i was like “Somthing female?” then i clicked through and was like “holy mother of spinnach! :|!!!!!!!!”

  12. The Army Corps of engineers couldn’t pull off a feat this impressive. Where was this guy when the levees needed work in Louisiana?

  13. Excellent shot of El Horizonte. His videos in BME Video from a couple of years back show his brilliant mods in action. Having seen the earlier shots of the guy, this is one shot that was easy for me to recognise. Thanks Shannon for sharing this with us. I’m still amazed at the folk who still whinge about the content despite the up-front warnings. All I say is, ‘keep them coming’.

  14. Syphilis is *very* treatable; if you catch it early it can be treated with only a single dose of penecillin.

    I’d guesses guiche piercings with a deep sub. Oops.

  15. i just thought of something…this guy can’t use a condom. i mean, he could, but it wouldn’t prevent pregnancy nor would it fully (or as fully as condoms normally do) protect his partner from stds he might be carrying.

    this puts an interesting wrench into the whole discussion of the sex lives of people with heavy genital mods. Shannon, has this ever really been covered in an interview or anything? i’d love to see some sort of statistics on people who have these sorts of mods–are they single, married, asexual, het/homo/bi/whatever, do they worry about the std/pregnancy issue given the above-noted factors, etc.

  16. Castro: It’s a running gag. In the 1990s hacker/underground scene, the plural of “virus” started being spelled “virii”. That was later expanded to any and all words ending in -us and -is.

  17. Just out of curiosity, to have the two balls…well each on its own, is it necessary some sort of surgery or just stretching enough at some point the guy could put each at one side?

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