The Puffy Shirt

Candice, a [mainstream] modified model friend of BME who I’ve been featuring here periodically for years now (1 2 3 4 5), sends in this photo from a high profile fashion shoot she just did for the British Hair Awards.

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40 thoughts on “The Puffy Shirt

  1. this is very pretty, more women should be willing to shave their heads in my opinion :D

  2. That’s nice to see.
    I think mainstream modelling is a terrible job (you’re not told how to do your job, but how to BE, which I think fucks with your head more than any job should), and I also see the issues with the mainstreaming of bodymods etc.
    Still, I think it’s important to have models who look different from time to time, because it does remind people that there’s more than one kind of beauty. And for the past few years, that’s been pretty marginalized. There was Eve in the mid-90′s, who had a huge dragon inked on her bald head; I don’t remember seeing “freak” models much since then.
    Anyhoo, very nice pic, and way to go.

  3. And just to clarify my own post, I do realize there’s always been a few runway models with tattoos/mods, but Eve did seem to get popular at the peak of a trend, and then it died off… But I’ll quit rambling now.

  4. I realise this is not really at all related to the post but since we’re talking about mainstreaming mods, I got quite a surprise when I saw a guy with full sleeve tattoo holding a baby on a children’s panadol ad on telly the other day! It was really prominent, and was such a surprise, I mean, you see that on the street and don’t blink, but on tv, especially here in Australia, it’s just not done. Sign of the times hey?

  5. She has such a perfectly smooth and nicely-shaped skull and such good cheekbones, her (mostly) shaved head really suits her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of Candice that wasn’t just lovely. I honestly don’t even notice her piercings, she’s such a striking-looking woman.

  6. is it bad that the first thing i think when i see her is sexy sinead o’connor? anyway, i love all her photos and wish i saw more strtched lobes on the catwalk.

  7. For some reason she just reminds me of Keira Knightly in this picture.. am i the only one who thinks so?

  8. She can preserve my best traditions of the navy any day – Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash!

  9. #10,shes not as sickenly skinny as miss knightley.if she looked totally different she’d look like her :D
    i wish my shadow was purple :(

  10. I understand why it’s hair awards – I LOVE that hair.

    (..and I realize half of it is the photo shoot, too – kudos to the photographer.)

  11. She’s beautiful, and I agree with #15. Is her hair shaved in a jagged line near the front or is that just the way it happens to be falling? I like the idea of it being uneven.

  12. #3 It seems to me this lady did not listen too much and she is just what she wants to be…

  13. Striking is certainly the word. She has a gorgeous bone structure and also the photo is really awsome too.

  14. She looks like a Victorian pirate about to shackle some unsuspecting stowaways. Awesome.

  15. I would gladly let her do a lot to me, but no way she’s gonna give me a handjob with those nails.

    Apart from that I am totally impressed with her beauty, also in the previous posts. She made me visit modblog even more then I normally do today.

  16. Yes she’s hot and all, but shave the head bald and shes on Fuego!

  17. OMGOSH I LOVE her hair! I also love her ears :D The bottom lip piercing I like, but I’m not too keen of the top one, I don’t know, I have something weird about top lips and big studs… She’s really beautiful though :D

  18. Listen to much? Please specify.

    And to 10: because of V for Vendetta, that’s why.

  19. she’s too pretty for words, everytime there’s a picture of her I always wish my head was nice enough to be shaven.

    and v for vendetta was natalie portman, not keira knightley

  20. “Listen to much? Please specify”

    Was it referred to my comment? In #3 you commented (quite correctly) that mainstream models are told how to be and added that this, well, “fuck thei heads” to use your own words. Well I might be wrong but I have the feeling that this model is not what she was told to be but rather what she wanted to (I am speaking of physical appearence)… Of course I might be wrong but it would really make me sad to think she looks how she looks just because a model agency needed an alternative look and I don’t even want to consider such a possibility…

  21. Sorry I missed the point again, I meant that IF someone told her how to be she did not listen and become what she wanted. It is clearer what I meant?

  22. Okay, then I didn’t makle myself clear enough: mainstream models *usually* only look how they get told to look, and that messes with their brains (if they weren’t messed up before), so it’s good to see an exception.
    Which still of course doesn’t change the fact that she got hired for a certain look, and that she’s still beautiful by conventional standards etc. (which is a compliment by the way, but beauty standards are still beauty standards.

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