Cancer Survivor Breast Tattoo

Marie’s dragonfly and pink ribbon breast cancer tattoo was done by Tony at Finest Lines in Wickliffe, Ohio, and she explains that she’s a four-year breast cancer survivor, and after reconstruction surgery and healing, she decided to get this tattoo to cover up all the scars.

65 thoughts on “Cancer Survivor Breast Tattoo

  1. Yay! Fuck cancer, fuck it in it’s stupid mutated ass! Beautiful tattoo, and with no visible scars, an amazing reconstruction job to boot! Rock on with your healthy self!

  2. Did they tattoo over the nipple or was did she lose her nipple due to the cancer?

  3. That looks fabulous! Congratulations on kicking cancer’s ass, and I wish you nothing but good health in the future.

  4. When I first looked at the picture, i simply thought, wow that’s is so beautiful. Then I read the text and noticed the ribbon, and, wow, it’s even more beautiful.

  5. Fester, sometimes with a mastectomy and reconstruction, the nipple is removed as well. They can reconstruct a nipple and then have it tattooed to look more natural, matching the other side if it’s still there.

  6. Wow, that’s amazing.

    Also, this is something I don’t think ANYONE on ModBlog can say anything negative about…which is rather rare!

  7. that is gorgeous. It’s such a powerful way of reclaiming your body. Congratulations to her for beating cancer. Hopefully she continues to stay in remission!

  8. its really beautiful! and i like how she was able to turn the scars from a tragic situation into a a banging piece of art! congrats on surviving breast cancer and walking away with a gorgeous tattoo!

  9. That is stunning- i want boobs wiht stun power.
    It is so empowering to see someone overcoming an illness and owning their body~.

  10. rock out. it’s a gorgeous tattoo, it has beautiful meaning, and if cancer takes my nipple, i’m using you as a role model for how to create a prettier boob accent than a nipple.

  11. Good for her surviving still after all these years! Hope it continues. Beautiful work. I’ve seen a lot of breats cancer survivors do the whole tattoo thing. Always beautiful to see. I wish her the best in health and in life 🙂

  12. Gorgeous! I’ve seen women who chose not to have a reconstruction get their mastectomy scars tattooed, but never a tattoo on a reconstructed breast. That’s a beautiful idea.

  13. wow that is awesome. my aunt just went through this and is getting her nipples tattooed on in a month. i should tell her to do something like this!!! <3

  14. being that i work at a cancer center and have thousands of hours of artwork covering a good percentage of my body, i can appreciate this tattoo in more ways than one. i see patients everyday succumbing to the evils of cancer, and the ones that beat it, i admire so greatly…because it takes a strong person to come in everyday, still smiling, not know if the next day will be their last. big up on the art work, and big up on the courage of this woman who is a survivor!

  15. Simply beautiful.

    Anyone can have a gorgeous breast with a cute tattoo. It’s another thing entirely to claw one out of the jaws a mortal illness. Marie, you rock.

  16. #23: sorry but I think it’s kind of garish and the splash of water especially looks weird. As long as the owner’s happy with it though, good for her.

  17. Coincidentally, this has been the topic of Savage Love for the past two weeks. (Post-cancer breast status in general, that is)

  18. #38 I don’t think anyone can have a gorgeous breast with a cute tattoo.
    A lot of women have very ugly unattractive breasts.
    Just check out 007b

    The reconstruction job looks really well done and that tattoo is gorgeous.
    I personally love the water splashes

    And it has water splashes because it’s a water lily. (And dragonflies hang around water.)
    What a lovely idea and awesome inkwork. Good luck and good health =)

  20. i think its so romantic… not in the lovey-dovey way, but the other way….

  21. #44 (CorpseEsproc)- The whole purpose of that website is to make women more confident about their natural bodies, but by calling it a gallery of “ugly and unnattractive” breasts you have twisted it around completely. Not all women have porn-star breasts, and its extremely rude to call all breasts that don’t look like they’ve been artificially enhanced “ugly and unnattractive.” Some of us like natural breasts.

  22. I agree that not all women have porn star breasts, and yes some people like natural breasts i do too.
    But a few of the brests on that site imo are unnatractive.
    A friend recommended me that site as I have issues with mine, but that site made me feel worse cause the majority of the ones on there look a hell of a lot better than mine.
    Theres a few on there I would consider unnatractive yes, but mine are the same so I don’t see what this whole natural obsession is.
    Natural is nice if it looks nice, I’d rather look reasonably good and have a bit of surgery than look in the mirror and hate the reflection.
    My point wasn’t to put down the people on that site, it was to disagree with #39 who was trying to say everyone has nice boobs when irl a hell of a lot of us have disgusting blobs on our front.

  23. p.s if you can ever find a human with eyes who would find my boobs attractive, and actually prefer them over some that are nicely shaped I will give you money.

    I am still in love with that tattoo though.

  24. i’m surprised that #44 got past moderation…i agree with #54-that site was built to help women, while i can appreciate that it helps with your ‘own’ issues about ‘your’ breasts-using the ‘ugliness’ of other women’s breast to feel better about your own is kinda weak…and apparently didn’t make you feel any better…perhaps next time making at point not at the expense of others would be more appropriate…ESPECIALLY given the nature of this tattoo in particular…

  25. Re: Moderation
    Most comments are not moderated… Only first comments are moderated in general. It’s pretty rare for someone to get put back into “moderated” status after that.

  26. #57 have you read anything I have said, the site is built to help women by showing that not all breasts are attractive and that some are ugly.
    And I never said it helped me I said it didn’t cause most wern’t that bad.
    I don’t use those brests to make me feel better about my own so maybe read properly in future yeah?
    I made the point after the comment about everyone having nice tits, which isn’t the case.
    SO I gave examples.
    Moderation is fair enough, what you are asking for in censorship.
    And this tattoo has nothing to do with ugly breasts the post I was replying to was.

  27. #59 Look, i got everything you were trying to convey perfectly fine. I’m just pointing out that its a bit inappriopriate to post statements like these ((along with links to showcase what you would consider ugly):

    [ -“A lot of women have very ugly unattractive breasts.
    Just check out 007b”
    -“But a few of the brests on that site imo are unnatractive”
    -“the site is built to help women by showing that not all breasts are attractive and that some are ugly”]

    …in a forum under a tattoo/breast cancer survivor story. I get the context-you were trying to pay a compliment to this lady, but you were doing it at another person’s expense…imagine if you were the lady from the link you provided as an example-and your breast was being used as the counter extreme on the scale of breast asthetics…you’d probally feel pretty shitty…

    just saying, no matter what context or double speak you use-its a bit in poor taste given the topic…

    not hucking rocks at you, CorpseEsproc-just offering a different point of view…perhaps think it out a bit before you type or something…

  28. I didn’t mean it that way though, it wasn’t meant as a counter extreme as like I said before those women on that site have a lot better boobs than I do, but I do see where you are comming from, I just think i’m not very good getting across the point I am trying to make and it’s even worse irl.
    And I feel shitty looking at that site seeing al lot of those women complain when personally I’d kill to have boobs like a few of theirs, the thing with that link is there are hundreds of breasts on it, like a breast house of fun.

    And “while i can appreciate that it helps with your ‘own’ issues about ‘your’ breasts-using the ‘ugliness’ of other women’s breast to feel better about your own is kinda weak”
    Was what i meant about not reading because like I said before I don’t use that site to make me feel better, and i’ll say again that site just makes me feel worse.
    it’s like having a site of pin up girls and saying they’re the average imo.
    Spelling mistakes and typos are normal I’m not going to point them out lols, I mean I’ve got shedloads all the time 🙂

  29. I’m with CorpseEsproc on this one. Not all breasts are pretty…some are downright unattractive (mine included) I think calling them ugly helps us realize that not everything is tied into our breasts and helps a lot of people deal with their bodies better than if they were called beautiful.

    Anyways, I’m rambling. Tattoos on breasts are all great, no matter what!

  30. From a fellow breast cancer survivor, YOU ROCK!! Since I’m stage IV, I may not be able to get reconstruction, so I may steal your idea for my VERY flat chest!!;)

    (For those of you who may not know, stage IV is when the cancer has spread and is no longer “curable”. It used to be referred to as “terminal” but now is considered a “chronic condition”. AKA…permanent treatment.)

    And to those rambling about how ugly your boobs may or may not be, take it from the voice of experience…you don’t know what you have until it’s taken from you. I hated mine. They were small, floppy things with big areolas. Now when I look in the mirror, all I see are flat scars.

    I never thought I would ever say this, but I miss them.

    Cancer Sucks. Life goes on. Love as much as you can.

    Blessings and Bazookas…

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