A Million Dollar Idea

I’ve said it before, but whoever comes out with “joggle eyes” (the toy eyes with the eyeballs that jiggle around inside them when they move) that mount on microdermals is going to make a killing… Personally I wouldn’t augment my tattoos, but definitely I see lots of people who decide to put eyeballs and other accents on their tattoos a la this customer of Efix‘s at D-Markation in Quebec City (who had to “settle” for 3mm prong set Anatometal ends).

20 thoughts on “A Million Dollar Idea

  1. They should work on redoing/touching up the tattoo before they resort to microdermals. The tat has potential, it just needs a little modernizing and reworking.

  2. hey, it’s Efix, Bruce Bodkin here at D-Markation tattooed over the tiger even with the microdermals (unscrewed heads) and it looks way better now. I’ll send pictures of the finished result as soon as this customer comes back!

  3. i would love to see the touched up version- it looks like a well loved and worn tatt as is- I agree there is potential so i bet it looks nice!

    Once I used spirit gum to glue dozens of googley eyes on my partner’s face for a party- googley eyes and people who are ..erhm.. *altered* don’t always go so well together.

  4. Did anyone else think of Aladdin? With that tiger and whatnot, and how the two halves of the beetle made his eyes?

  5. More than anything this reminds me of those T-shirts they used to make with rubber bits on them — like the one with the alien that looks like it’s bursting out of the wearer’s stomach: vaguely amusing at first, but seems like a novelty that would quickly wear off.

  6. long time lurker, 1rst time poster, here.

    Seriously, people on this blog need to learn to just shut it when they dont have anything positive to add. It is clear that shannon put the pic up for the microdermals and not the (crappy) tattoo. Everybody in the world can see that it faded/lack several things.

    Comments as those seen on modblog isn’t helping in getting fresh faces in the BME community and are, at times, on par with the ones on digg…

    It’s becoming truer and truer that the intertube could be better without comments fucking everywhere…

    I, for one, cant wait to go to d-markation (moving to QC in july…!) as everything i’ve seen from them was great!

  7. From the feathers and necklace I gather it’s supposed to be some kind of animal spirit guide but it looks more like the Cowardly Lion from Oz.

    Come to that, he would look pretty good with googly eyes. I knew a guy in college who would go around and stick them on posters and all kinds of random stuff (eg anthropomorphic fire hydrants).

  8. am i the only one who thought the tattoo wasnt that bad until everyone started bitching about it?

  9. #14 nope, you’re not…

    i should have said “needs improvement but not that bad” instead of crappy in my rant there…

  10. With you, Lex. I mean, unless it was done last year. Without the eyes as a distraction, it’s pretty clear what’s going on — it’s just super faded and running together a bit. I would think a “do over” touch up would do ‘ir just fine.

    And yes, Anthony, I thought of Disney’s Aladdin.

  11. artistic merit will vary from individual to individual…some will think the tattoo is perfection incarnate, others will think the completely opposite.

    I consider it somewhat along what zombie z stated…Its a very dated tattoo style and a clear representation that “sizes equals detail” when it comes to the human canvas…Although the more I look at it I see that the ears aren’t correctly the same size/distance on the head,etc.

    Regardless its a dated tattoo that’s suffered the natural occurrence of the human bodies cellular structure breaking down as one ages…Having it gone over again might clean it up and make it look a bit nicer, but I still think due to the size,etc the problems will persist…although that’s all based on if say the client lives double of his current age lol

    and diamond filled dookie is the most BALLA way to be, ya’ll just jealous!

  12. Only on Modblog.. can any random suddenly become a model of perfection with pristine tattoos and the impossible judge of everyoneeee else.

    It just looks like an old tattoo. Newsflash, people, we do age, and things don’t always look as pretty as they once might have.

    But in the meantime, be all critic and shit. I mean hell, your ability to be flawless can’t last forver, can it?

  13. I think that it would have looked great by itself, but just because the microdermals are so bold, i think it might look good if he were to get the tattoo touched up. It’s a bit light.

    I think it’s a better mod than people are giving him credit for though. It’s not bad.

  14. its obvious the tattoo was done a long time ago (hopefully) which means whoever got it is still open to trying new ideas at an older age. and im way down with that!

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