Up, Up, And Valnei!

Feast your eyeballs on this gorgeous suspension footage care of Valnei and his mob.

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13 thoughts on “Up, Up, And Valnei!

  1. wow… who wears white while suspending… you can already see one huge stain on the side of his shorts… great suspend though, very awesome

  2. This may sound like a dumb/crazy question, but all of the resurrection suspensions that I’ll seen have been on skinny people. I’m guessing (/hoping) that it’s possible on chunky folks as well; but, hey, maybe our round tummies get in the way.

  3. Valnei! gosto muito de teu trabalho querido.
    …ainda a gente nao procuro um tempo juntos para pendurar..gostaria muiiiito!


  4. Oh man why did I have to watch that, it’s bad enough that I’ve been starting to obsess on the idea of a suspension. Now I’m really starting to crave.

  5. HEY YOU!!! YES YOU i am an ameteur journo (honestly! Look at me puncuation.)For my next project I want to do a piece on suspension. I don’t understand it but I want to…?? and so does “the masses” god damit. So do drop me a line if you are instrested. Anyone who replies will have full editorial control. I’m thinking Vice etc etc or mabey just my local street press who knows?? get your self out there kiddies.
    [email protected]

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