James Stroud Exhibition of Portraits

Thanks to Hazel for sending along these photos and letting me know about the auction featuring photographer James Hazel at St. Pancras. The auction runs for three more days, with proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. Bids can be submitted online.

26 thoughts on “James Stroud Exhibition of Portraits

  1. ooo i saw some of these in st pancras last week on the way to brighton, its great that theyre displayed so prominantly, very interesting to look at.

  2. Absolutely amazing 🙂 Every one of those photos is beautiful. I think my favourite is the couple at the bottom left – they look like they’re so wrapped up in each other they don’t even know he’s there.

  3. These portraits are SO inspirational! As a photographer I can definitely appreciate them!!! BEAUTIFUL! I want him to take my picture 😛

  4. I quite like the disparity between the obviously-photoshopped-to-hell-and-back images and the ‘raw’, ‘ugly’ HDR-tainted images.

    Irrespective of the subject matter, I think the images which work best are those in which the subjects of the portraits do not directly address the artist.


  5. he really makes their faces look good (or maybe they’re all just good looking to begin with?)
    Personally, I find faces the most challenging and interesting things to shoot because there are some beautiful people that just can’t take a good photo. And ugly people who take awesome ones.

  6. some of these look as though they are black and white with the color added later..
    I love the softness of these images- so often you find stereotypes that modified people are dirty, or harsh and these almost glow~ I am lovin’ that.

  7. Some of the most amazing portraits ever! The retouching is amazing all itself!

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