Vermicious Sid

Ok, maybe he’s not vermicious, but he’s definitely piercing something worm-like.

(The dialogue is just brilliant!)

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“Another fun day at Sid’s Silver Anchor shop – this time focused on piercing. I have this marked as 1981, but the date could be a bit off. This series of clips features the infamous “Big Ed” Fenster, who later went on to use the Silver Anchor name for his upstart body jewelry company. As always, I hope you enjoy these glimpses into our history.

There’ll be more coming soon! – Shawn Porter/SPCOnline”

35 thoughts on “Vermicious Sid

  1. Thats rough stuff. I’m going to be sad when you don’t have more. And I’m still wanting to get something done being naked by someone naked.

  2. During the piercing all i could think of was Uncle Arthur from bewitched haha

    who i loved to death by the way, i hope it was him doing the piercing haha

  3. In the “Miami Inked” generation, I’m sure a lot of this seems strange. But when my brother and I were coming up in the modification world, this was very common. Most of the time we’d go to Jack Yount’s place, there would just be naked folk wandering around. They’d say hello and go back to the pool… you just took it as it came. And the banter… dear lord could we get into some banter…. viva History!

  4. Terrific video! I was smiling the whole time. His penis looked so sad after the jewelry was put in, though. I don’t think it was happy with all the fussing.

  5. dont know what’s funnier..the bitching crowd of gay guys poking holes in each other or that backround music…either way…man,I found that funny as shit to watch

  6. Yay!!!))) This video is really fun and cool! Without gloves, without antisept, (!!!) naked!!! Damn… it is rough, but it is history now. And dialogues… Hahahha! Fun all the way!))) I want more!)))

  7. Really fun video!))) Dialogues just cool! but, some things are not cool. Working without gloves, naked, without antiseptics… but it is history… Looking forward for more videos.

  8. I love how they are all obviously close enough to joke around and call eachother’s names and such.

    Also, I love how he modified the needle to give himself a handle that unscrewed. Also nudity = win.

  9. Great video. The music is classic. It’s really nice to be able to see the history of the industry in motion rather than just reading about it in PFIQs.

    I couldn’t help but wince every time the piercer was touching the end of the “needle” after it was done. I just kept thinking “needle stick, needle stick” lol

  10. Reminds me of an adorable old gay guy who used to pop into the shop I worked in when I was in high school. He kept going on about ‘[his] old beau from years ago. A real Apollo type…He used to be into the body piercing like those American guys…”


  11. Hah. If it’s 1981…I’m nt too sure they had bloodborne pathogens classes for piercers back then. I kinda hope the year’s accurate, that’s the year I was born.
    Also, the vermicious knid/sid pun…*facepalm*
    Good work.

  12. with a needle like that and internally threaded jewelry you could screw on (the thread at the end of the needle being smaller than the needle so that you can screw the jewelry on) it would make piercing soooo simple… no chance to “lose” the needle or something like this…

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