Silicone Lip Enlargement

I assume most people have seen my friend “Mister Mark”‘s huge silicone penis (see: silicone penis videos on BMEvideo) as it was featured in “The Perfect Penis” and other documentaries (various free clips are online). Anyway, he’s also been working on his lips for the last five years (which slowly recede in size over time), and he just had them redone and is very happy about it and says he’s sure he’ll go even bigger in the near future.

45 thoughts on “Silicone Lip Enlargement

  1. i always wanted to ask him if he’s ever cock slapped someone with his sillicone enhanced dong,
    and if so, did they live?

  2. Wow, not for me, but good for him you know! Also, I love the bottom left pic, I think that’s the person I have seen looking closest to some real grafitti art, or some real old cartoons depicting black people possibly.. In any case, I think it looks pretty funky!

  3. His penis looks like a third testicle in the second clip. The lips? They just looks weird! 😉

  4. Wow! This is so interesting. More stuff like this please 🙂 He looks like a blow up doll.. & I mean that in a good way!

  5. I think his goatee complements the lips in an indescribably excellent way. The lips suit him so well, somehow.
    Random pop culture reference: I can’t help thinking “he looks great; but that Daisy on Rock of Love II, not so much!”

  6. I have a small handfull of friends that share my interest in body modification, but when I show them images like this, the most common response is ‘….why?’ Although Id never do it myself, I think his lips are wonderful. I like the fact that modifications that would have turned some heads ten years ago are now prety well accepted in mainstream culture but am very much annoyed that the people that sport these mods have a very limited appreciation for (and are often disgusted by) heavier mods. Now I can understand being taken back the first time you see something so unfamiliar (I certainly didnt appreciate the first meatotomy photo I saw as much as I would now) but… well, Ive lost my train of thought. all I’m sayin is, where’s the good-old-timey brotherhood between the modified? It’s like the less modified shun the heavily modified, and the more heavily modified feel as if anyone that is not modified enough are just going with the shop-scene flow. i know I’m babbling here, but I come to bme and see a comunity of people that are genuinly open minded and friendly, and in approaching other modified folks I saw in everyday live was not met with the same kindness.

  7. #3 haha death by penis would give many a happy death.
    #11 definitely right first time you see a cut up why comes to mind then the pics are acceptable then you understand the person
    his genitals though are easy to lokk at like a big soft touchable blob. sad he can’t have bum sex but glad he’s ok with it

  8. what an awesome case of not judging too soon. these pictures had me a little put off, but in the clips he comes across as a very mild, well-spoken guy and the “bizarre” factor (or whatever was bothering me initially) just seemed to fade away.

  9. I heard via one of the online silicone groups (I am siliconed myself, though only in the balls and not to the extent of Mark or anything like it…) that Mark was having his silicone removed. Am I to believe from this that that didn’t happen? I sincerely hope so. More power to him…

  10. At first my reaction was woaaaah, why?? But after seeing the interview with him and just thinking a bit more about this whole situation I am quite interested and I like him! 😉 He seems like a really gentle and kind person with a good sense of humor 😉

  11. I loved watching the interview. what a perfect outlook on one’s body- his sense of humor and ability to articulate his views are a nice bit of advocacy for the body mod community.

  12. Let me start off by saying I’m not judging – I have no problem what so ever with this mod, and I wish the guy all the best and I am glad he does what he feels is right for his body and appearance.
    Having said that, These picture made me wonder about the fine line between body modification and cosmetic surgery. or better yet – is there a line?
    I just don’t know if BME’s the place for silicone lips, because if it is, I would expect to have galleries here with titles like “breast enlargment/reduction”, etc. (Not that I would have any problem with that either).
    I mean, why is Angelina jolie enhancing her lips considered ordinary, but this dude here is shown as a weird new interesting never-seen-before modification.

    (I have no point here, actually, don’t look for it. I was just trying to share my thoughts without offending the guy, the community, BME, Modblog or Angelina, which is not an easy task! :-))

  13. I’m kind in-line with reouts line of thought here. modifications more accepted in mainstream culture such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, Blepharoplasty and the like dont get much attention here. I think (and this is usually when shit goes awry) this is because most people associate these modifications more with shallow vanity than what they might consider body mod. These folks are altering their bodies to make them more beautiful to them. While this ideal of beauty may be heavily influenced by a social norm, I’m sure a large number of bme’ers have there mods for about the same reason (social acceptance.) A persons motivation for their modification shouldnt matter. And Im not saying that the bme staff is recieving a ton of material related to these modifications and just writing them off, either. People with mods that are generally refered to as plastic surgery I would imagine (for the most part) have no interest in the topics brought forth on bme. I’m hopeful (and pretty confident) that if someone sent in a story about their tummy tuck that it would be posted. Things like this do get posted. The only example that comes to mind is the ‘learning to smile’ article.

  14. sorry for the repeat posting, but holy-fuck-shit-jesus. I just took a look at his other modification. wow. two marks. unleash the beast indeed.

  15. hmmm…the lip stuff didn’t interest me much, but that video clip…wow!

    i don’t know much about this-so i’m kinda confused…why would you inflate your penis so big if you can’t use it? is the inflation itself stimulating in some way? life w/o sex would suck…mind you i’m not getting any-anytime soon and totally fine with it for NOW-but knowing that i could NEVER have sex again-even oral?!?…like EVER?!? yeah…i couldn’t do it…he seems so calm and collected in that interview too…

    in response to #19
    i think the line that defines modification only exists when people draw it in the sand and start hucking rocks at each other from opposing sides…

    modification- 1. alteration: the act of making something different. 2. change: an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another

    now given all these mods-whether is jolie’s fake tits or a huge inflated cock-are on the BODY, and considering the actual definition of modification…i think its safe to say it all counts…

    i know when i get new ink i get an esteem boost…i feel prettier…more whole…its completely in the name of vanity…i’d imagine those girls getting their chests jacked up a few sizes feel much the same way…i think the only difference is the motivations and perceptions that people attach to these procedures…

  16. I would assume it’s clear that cosmetic surgery is body modification… the question is whether it’s the type of body modification that needs coverage under BME’s mandate.

    This type of silicone lip injection however is very clearly atypical, and to me seems clearly under BME’s mandate!

  17. I love this guy 🙂 I’ve seen that documentary before – my flatmates were all really freaked out (which I can’t really blame them for, his cock would be a bit of a surprise, especially if you’d never seen anyone with silicone before!) but I think he’s awesome!

  18. The lips are very Pete Burns. Personally, I think he comes across as slightly creepy in the clip, but perhaps he’s just nervous. But the part about making people reconsider what a penis is “supposed to look like” I find unlikely. More power to him if he wants his genitalia to look like what one reviewer described as “a couple of turnips and a prize marrow,” but sister, please. Either people are going to think he’s a nutter or they’re going to like it, but I doubt anyone’s going to be convinced they were really being fooled all along.

  19. I’m a little confused now. This is more a question for Shannon. What is it about typical cosmetic surgery that disqualifies it for representation on this site?

  20. i’m a little curious about the whole “receding” issue- i mean, silicone doesn’t get absorbed by the body, so where does it GO when it deflates? does it just drift? and on a less medical note, does this make buying pants difficult?

  21. Not something I’d do myself, but to each his own. The second clip said he could no longer have pentrative sex, but I disagree. There’s someone out there for everyone. He just needs to hook up with the goatse guy.

  22. Quite extreme mod, you cannot hide, and it definitely looks way strange, I’d say more strange than any tattoo, piercing or horn implant in the face, becaus is is not obviosly a modification, you do recognice there is something strange, but not what. prette brave, and interesting kind of art! You should use that, mkae something out of that…

  23. I’ve seen this chappy on TV a couple of times. He comes across as a really nice, genuine guy. Not tp mention his incredible mods!

  24. I heard that Mark was going to have all the silicone from his penis and balls removed, he made a post of it on his yahoo group(IIRC). Can anybody confirm this?

  25. Hey all. Good to see the comments here about my lips. I guess Shannon didn’t know that I had the silicone removed from my cock and balls. I had it removed about a year ago. I still have mixed feelings about it and maybe that’ll never go away, but I do have more freedom and I’m less self-conscious when I’m in public.

    The lips are awesome. I’ve enjoyed them every day since I first had them injected about five years ago, and I’m SO glad I had them injected again.

  26. Mark, I had no idea that it would even be possible to remove this much bulk of silicone! I’ll drop you a line by email about an interview if you have time by the way…

  27. 19: angelina jolie’s lips arent enhanced, theyre natural. if you look at her brother, hes got the exact mouth. i guess its just a family trait.

    sorry, that was bothering me, had to make the correction >.<

  28. #7 Dani – totally. I thought he reminds me of the mascot for “ka-ru” chips, too.

    The lips do work well with his face, I think. Sort of cartoon, but in a nicely blended way.

  29. I think that certain people are mimicking the argument of what is the difference between a boob job and this type of body modification without really comprehending what they are defending or arguing.

    The difference lies in that one type of modification is socially acceptable, whereas the other type would not even exist with the generic argument similar to the one above if such predefined norms did not exist.

    People who challenge what is normal as defined by society as a whole argue that this is not that different from getting botox usually when attacked by a “normal” type society person.

    An “alternative”-lifestyle-modification person actively and intentionally challenges what is considered socially acceptable.

    And I don’t think Angie Jolie has fake tits, sorry.

    If one’s self-esteem is boosted by a superficial action, such as getting a tattoo, then I agree with the argument that you are no different from some bimbo with a boob job.

  30. I heard “Mister Mark” has been seriously ill and it might be the result of a silicone embolism…

  31. Used to chat with him a while ago when he relocated to the LA area. Had the opportunity to fuck him, but chose not to! Regret it now! Mike, I’m sorry I wasn’t ready!

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