Inner Cheek Piercing?

I got quite an interesting story from Jeremiah at Akron Ink in Ohio.

“This is a picture of a customer of mine who wanted a cheek piercing. Her family would never allow it, but she wanted it so bad that she said to just pierce the inside.”

“I really wanted to do it, but didn’t have much hope that it would heal. I made a deal with her and told her I would give her her money back if she could get it to heal — she since has become a friend of mine, and, two years later, she still has it and its doing just fine. She says it’s pretty comfortable for the most part, but she can’t help but bite on it every once in awhile.

“These are the pictures of it healed! We just used a 14ga curved barbell, and we’re doin a dermal anchor next on the other side”

I have to admit, I’m really quite amazed as well this didn’t reject!

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41 thoughts on “Inner Cheek Piercing?

  1. That’s a strange lip piercing.. it is in the middle of the fleshy part of the lip?

  2. Amazing that it didn’t reject! I could imagine that she’s often biting down on the barbell ends…causing small chips in her teeth.

    It’s always great to see a new and unsual piercing. Bravo I say!

  3. I’m surprised it isnt red and half bitten off! I’ve got a bad habit of biting my inner cheeks

  4. I love the idea and feeling of peircings in my mouth, but they always end up getting in my way or just annoying me, so I’ve retired quite a few. This is an interesting one, and one I know I could never keep myself.

  5. I find it funny that she says her family would never allow her to have cheek piercing but yet she has a lip piercing?
    Well anyways this just goes to prove that there’s always someone who can heal something unusual. As for me I’d end up biting the hell out of that.

  6. winch – it looks like either a vertical labret or an ashley (inverse vertical labret).

    I think I would have chomped that piercing out within a few days :/ good for her though! She should get to name it.

  7. That’s amazing that it didn’t reject…but I can’t help but imagine how sore it would it chomp on it now and then OUCH! >_<

  8. I’m impressed that she’s kept it so healthy looking for two years. I would be so afraid of chipping or cracking a tooth, of course, I have not-so-great teeth. She may have a magnificently strong set of choppers.

  9. Or she simply could have waited a couple of years (until she went to college or moved out or whatever event ended or lessened the control her family had over her) and then got the piercing she actually wanted.

  10. it actually doesnt chip or crack the teeth (unless you get hit or bite down really hard) but it wears away the enamel slowly which degreades your teeth and leaves very unprotected which then leads to cracking after. my mums into dentistry :)

  11. That cheek belongs to me. For the record I’d like to say that Jeremiah was a little confused as are a few other people. I NEVER wanted a traditional cheek piercing that went from the outside in. What I got is exactly what I wanted. It doesn’t get in the way when I’m eating. And my parents know about it, my mom told me I’m killing her slowly with all the weird piercings I come home with.

  12. That cheek belongs to me. For the record I’d like to say that Jeremiah is a bit confused. I NEVER wanted a traditional cheek piercing that went from the outside in. What I got is exactly what I wanted at the time. It’s not a big problem when I’m eating. And my parents know about it. Mom says I’m killing her slowly with all the weird piercings she keeps finding :)

  13. If a surface piercing done with a curved barbell is going to heal anywhere, it’s definitely going to be a mucous membrane.

    I wouldn’t have done it though…. the possible tooth damage isn’t worth it. And I know it’s not my place to decide what’s in the client’s best interest… but I can’t see tooth chipping/breaking and eventual decay as something anyone should put up with for a piercing.

  14. I’m not that surprised that it didn’t reject, mouths heal really well, but I am surprised she hasn’t chipped a tooth on it, I know I would, I accidentally bite the inside of my mouth all the time.

  15. yeah i would have cracked a tooth to hell with that thing, i also have a really bad habbt of biting my cheeks. that is still an awsome piercing tho.

  16. Yeah. I constantly tear the inside of my cheeks up from biting on them.

    I think thats a cute piercing, but I HATE biting on metal balls accidentally.

  17. thanks for all the positive feedback. really glad that shannon posted this for me and kristen. just so everyone knows the piercing does not rub on her teeth unless she purposly plays with it. dont know why it just doesnt. word!

  18. Wow…I can’t imagine that being anything but a total bitch when chewing. Good for her that it isn’t :)

  19. It looks like it would always get in the way when biting the teeth together, I’m really surprised it hasn’t been ripped out with the teeth!
    Looks good though, very unusual.

  20. She has really nice teeth hahaha

    I love that! I think that’s a really cool piercing. Yeah, i’m stating the obvi. But it really is cool haha, it must feel weird.

  21. I guess she never takes e… I always wake up after a night clubbing with my cheeks chomped to fuck. This looks cool, I like it a lot!

  22. While the idea is cool i still fear for her teeth :( i have already known a chap (a piercer) who ended up getting metal grind plates put over his teeth to save what was left of them after 5 & 1/2 years of cheek piercings.

    Did the client know the risk of tooth damage?

    looks cool though, she must heal REALY well not to have had that reject out!

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  25. No surprise to me that it healed. Oral piercings are the safest and fastest healing. Some of you might disagree, but it’s true. Research it if you’re skeptical.

    The bacteria in our mouths can be both destructive and helpful. But mainly helpful if you manage to rinse your mouth out with an alcohol-free mouthwash ( biotene, etc.) or a sea salt warm water soulution ( or if your lazy, just go out and buy an already made sea salt rinse from H2Ocean) after every meal and brush with toothpaste twice a day. I say twice daily because most toothpastes are a bit too harsh when it comes to the “burning” sensation and can be unbearable to some at times. Once in the mornign and once at night would do just fine.

    The “good” bacteria quickens the healing time.The alcohol would destroy the good bacteria and slow the healing process, which then would lead to discoloration and infection. (In most cases)…

    It’s very similar to the procedures you would follow with a tongue piercing.

    Blah fuckin’ blah, most of you should know this.

    Anyway, the piercing in itself looks pretty good. But I bet his teeth aren’t in the greatest condition anymore. (An easy fix to avoid damage to the teeth would be acrylic barbells. They’re a lot less harsh on the gum’s as well).

    Fuckin long ass comment. Haha

  26. What I need to know is did it create a dimple or is there a way to get on inside cheek that will create a natural looking dimple on the outside???

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