30 thoughts on “Butcher’s Diagram Tattoo

  1. I saw this and was like ‘ his hair grows in funny’ .. and then i thought to myself ‘ ..you ass they had to shave it for the tattoo’ .. but I do like the idea =)

  2. Hrmz, I don’t like this at all tbh. I find it looks like one of them paper cut out dolls way too much. Maybe when I see him again with his hair grown on properly I might change my mind though. Since especially that last pic turned me off 😉

  3. Does anyone else spot a third nipple on the first pic? or could be a weird mole…anyways..nice tattie!

  4. #3-Better than me! I thought, “Why do his body hair grow in so funny?” and didn’t come up with answer. Then I read the comments and thought, “you ass…of COURSE they shaved it for the tattoo, the tattoo is obviously fresh…duh!” I like the tattoo though! My brain is apparentely pretty slow in the mornings.

  5. ahhh, i LOVE this!!! reminds me of the y-incision autopsy tattoos and scarifications you’ve posted before. i’m a huge fan.

  6. The actual story on this guy is he’s a chef, and apparently has always promised his closest friends that when he dies they can eat him. I don’t know how serious he is, but there you go. Also it’s not done yet, next session is his arms and legs too, and we’re labelling all the sections in french as well.

    hahaha ps I left the hair cuz it looks funny. Like a coco-bra of hair

  7. I really didn´t think this looked good until I read #26 explanation. Now, with some kind of reason and background story, I think the tattoo is hilariously. Just proves my point that body modifications (as well as art) always needs reason to be great, not just aesthetics.

  8. I work with this guy, he’s the sous-chef at the place I dishwash at. He has label for every cut now and a salt and pepper shaker on his fingers

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