Look in…

…do you know what you’re looking into?

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44 thoughts on “Look in…

  1. one must remember to take the pencil out before engaging in intercourse, otherwise it would be rather painful, although i am sure there are women out there who enjoy pencil stabby vaggy wounding.

  2. 9 – You totally beat me to it! I was going to comment on all the product placement.

  3. Oh, my. I didn’t expect that at all. What is that, how does one make it, and how kickass would it look pierced?

  4. I love it when clicking through doesn’t really make it any clearer. I mean, neato and everything– but I’m not sure I understand what’s going on.

  5. Looks like a second-degree hypospadia (where the urethra deviates from its usual position to open out on the shaft) that’s been stretched via sounding – it appears the guy in question has no urethral opening in the head of his cock so I’d guess that this is the reason.

  6. Knew it was a doodle.
    It’s just a skin pocket isn’t it? It looks like he’s jut separated a small opening just underneath the skin. It doesn’t look like it’s EXTREME ureathral re-routing (try say that ten times fast haha)

  7. *sigh* *covers eyes* Peen. It’s always peen. Am I right?
    *boyfriend* you’re right! How did you know?
    *me* Because it’s ALWAYS peen.

  8. Perhaps you should consider replacing the “guess what” tag with “how is this penis getting mangled?”.

    The last non-penis entry in this category was on 14 September, 2007…

  9. Yes, hypospadia, i agree with #19

    Looks pretty cool though! Guess he could do some pretty weird mods to his penis that other people can’t…

  10. that is the best ikea ad i have ever seen.
    creates an unstoppable urge in me to have my throw pillows match my area rug…..

  11. … I can’t believe no one has commented to say that this one literally puts the ‘pen’ in ‘penis’.

  12. Lol at a glance I thought it’s obviously a vagina,
    then I looked closer…

    I love that the logo shows on the pencil.
    Best. Product placement. Ever.

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