Hot Cross Fun

Dave K, the bloke wielding the hammer, sent me this awesome crucifixion footage (which contains flashing lights and was shot by Drew) of Rev. Shawn Lower of the band OnlyFlesh (amongst many other things) being well and truly nailed!

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I can probably speak for everyone when I say the answer to his question at the end is, YES!

There’s no spliced frames in this one, so don’t waste your time looking.

45 thoughts on “Hot Cross Fun

  1. Funny.

    And by ‘funny’, I mean, holy f*cking hell that must have hurt like crazy.
    I’m with you on ‘intense’ there shannon.

    *needs to stop watching now*


  2. Glynis – Yeah, I did the same when I was about six or seven, I jumped off a wall onto the beach and there was a plank of wood with a rusty nail sticking out, it went straight through my little tiny foot.

    I’ve still got the scar somewhere, probably on my foot, heh.

  3. Ahh nailguns, how you’ve hurt me. This was pretty damn interesting I must say. I’d like to see the de-nailing process of a crucifixion. Usually all the footage I’ve seen are of the people being nailed down.

  4. This was the first Only Flesh show i got a chance to see and it was amazing!! They pretty entertaining and the level of mods in the audience was damn impressive

  5. jaw drops. . . .muthafucka thats a live show. how were his feet supported i wonder?

  6. the bottom on the cross had a small platform to stand on. he was attached to the cross by 8 gauge hooks on his sides.

  7. Rev is always one sure to impress. I’d like to see Manson try to do something even close to what Rev does at any given Only Flesh show.

  8. MUTE-ONE … i was actually thinking something along the same lines. I love manson, but this…thank-you for posting this video! this is definitely a band i NEEDED to know about! :)

    (oh yah…and what do you mean about spliced frames?)

  9. I was at this show.. and afterwards, I took Dave K to the side, and I sincerely thanked him for not hurting my friend. Its kinda weird and emotional to see this happen to someone you truly care about… BUT Rev made it threw, and then we drank some beer and life was ok again!

  10. Aw, I miss Ohio a wee bit now.
    I’m not going to lie, I had the biggest crush on the rev. when I was 17.

    …and ouch.

  11. Oh. So his palms were not the only thing supporting his body then. Because I was under the impression that your palms do not have enough “stuff” in them to support your body.

    According to whoever, Jesus was suspended by his wrists, as the nail would have rejected through his palms.

    If you believe such things.

  12. We crucified _Stigmata_ at a show sometime last year. Straight through the hand though, not the webbing. It was a fun show, glad to see someone else taking things further like we like to do. Only Flesh does some really cool shows, hopefully we can get them out here and perform with them again sometime.

  13. the hands would hold your weight only if you had the nails threw the foot as well. they used to say it would rip threw the hands but what they did not realize at the time was the amount of weight taken off by the feet being nailed down as well. they did a study on tv i watch where they nailed a dummy to the cross and the way the body shifted it held fine. I would not reccomend tryin this though hahahah. I’ll never go threw the center of my hand again after that show.

  14. Would have been a swank show to see. Though… I almost went into epileptic seizures there.
    Haha, stepping on nails. Ouch. My dad got one through the hand with a nail gun while re-roofing our house. Not exactly hardcore…

  15. i was going to ask exactly the same question about weight distribution- so I am grateful someone wiht experience answered! thanx~

    i love this video- it s impressive.

  16. This guy is amazing. I’ve been pierced by him and he’s a wonderful artist. I’m so glad to see him on here!

  17. Most amazing concert EVER!!!! i was standing right next to him when this was done! i could hear the hammer hit the nail and rev. grunt and grip the yellow hoist strap! it was probably the hottest thing i have every seen… very dramatic… and the fact that he sang while up there!!!! fuckin hot!

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