The King of Scar?

Yes, João does have a life outside of suspending with his friends, to prove it he sent me five videos showing off his mad scar skillz, so I used my mad video whittling skillz and came up with this..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Featured (in no particular order) are Fred, Michael and Luiz.

16 thoughts on “The King of Scar?

  1. Music=
    -Meganoidi – King Of Ska
    -Bad Manners – This Is Ska

    just before someone asks…

    and nice scars btw

  2. Elena – Thanks, I wrote it myself!

    Ok, I didn’t really, the first little clip right at the start is from Viva La Ska Revolution – Bad Manners. The first track is King of Ska – Meganoidi, and the last little bit is another Bad Manners song, but I can’t remember which I chose :)

  3. very impressive scarring.

    regarding the video, the fades between the stills sometimes made it really hard to see the pictures long enough. the fades take too long and the pictures seem to stay showing for practically no time before the next fade starts. I’d make fades 1/4 or maybe 1/2 a second duration, myself.

  4. I’m going to be a -complete- wuss here right now and say: going over the same pieces of line work a few times really squicks me out! Ouch!

    I love his work though :)

  5. damn that looks painful but awesome results.

    celebrating a very last minute essay completion with a smoke and some bme browsing…does it get much better?

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