16 thoughts on “Moose knuckles…

  1. ok at first I thought the tattoo was cute… but then I clicked the link and found out what moose knuckles meant haha jeeze :/

  2. Hahaha, so funny, my friend just told me what a moose knuckle was yesterday! Love it.

  3. I’m with you Briggitte.
    At first I was like …”cute.”
    but now I’m all like… “Oooo, chafe much?”

  4. I laughed my ass of at this. Mostly because, where I am from a moose knuckle is what we call it when a really big girl has a camel toe.

  5. We have a larger girl in the office who wears tight pants and she does not have the standard camel toe but a larger hoof so that has become her nickname “Hoof”.

  6. I loved the picture on the link of the cyclists!!! And my friend just grabbed his balls and ran away with them…

    I’ve heard of camel toe but never moose knuckles… must tell everyone!!

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