NYPD Facial Tattoos?

So I was telling Nick (the most visibly tattooed cop in NYC I suspect) that his facial tattoos are looking especially nice now that hair is growing over them and they’re looking like they’ve been there for a while, and he mentioned that TattooJoe (who has great facial tattoos himself) who did them posted a video on his YouTube page; click through to check it out if you’d like.

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25 thoughts on “NYPD Facial Tattoos?

  1. Wow! Thats really awesome that he is allowed to have visible tattoos all the cops that I know have to hide their tattoos and piercings.

  2. I don’t believe nick is a cop anymore, But I could be mistaken. none the less his facial tattoos are great. They really suit him.

  3. woah check out those crazy blue eyes. his facial mods suit him so perfectly.

    ps. the IAM link isn’t working for me – anyone else?

  4. I just want to see the reaction of him walking up and asking for license and registration from a car he has pulled over and then they look up at him and see the ink….

  5. Wow! His facial tattoos are stunning! They suit his face really well, like the rest of his mods.

  6. Was Nick NYPD or NY Auxiliary Police? I’d be interested to know if the Auxiliary volunteer squad is held to the same dress codes standards.

  7. Looking at this chap let me think that it is amazing how many people the society is loosing in the name of stupid codes.

  8. re #5 – No that not ta moko kanohi, the designs loosely resemble it but in order for it to be moko, he’d need whakapapa Maori. If you try to read the designs on his chin or just in front of his ears, they don’t actually “say” anything about his standing in the community nor his occupation.

    He’s put spirals just in front of his ears where a more solid mangopare shaped design would be, or a four-directional koru pattern, and the koru patterns in front of the spirals are where the proper placement of spirals indicating chiefly status would be.

    If it was intended to be Maori, it would be called ‘kirituhi’. I’m wondering if Joe is Maori or has trained under any ta moko artists here in Aotearoa?

  9. if i recall correctly last time i spoke with him, he was back doing architecture

  10. what branch of the police did he work in? beat cop, detective, vice, etc.
    I have a hard time imagining nypd would be ok with that.

  11. Anybody who’s talked to Nick for two seconds knows he’s an awesome, nice guy.

    Anyone who cowers or fears him due to his modifications is losing out on a great potential friend.

    Way to go making modblog, buddy.

  12. Interesting that he is a cop.
    In Germany you can’t become a cop if you are chewing your fingernails because they think that you then are psycholically unstable. Not to speak of visible tattoos. Germany needs cool cops too.

  13. I know that a police in Canada couldn’t have visible piercings because if he/she enters into a fight it could be used by the other person to pull on/hit (my friend is studying to become a police and during his self defense class his teacher would always hit him on his helix to illustrate this, so he had to remove it [which makes me sad considering it was the first one I ever did :( ])

    If he is a police he probably does office work, I don’t think he could work with the public for the police department if he looked like that (which is kind of sad really…)

  14. C’mon guys, common sense here. He’s obviously a retired or ex-cop. Facial tatts perhaps, but there’s no way he’d be on the beat with those piercings! lol

  15. Nick joined the NY Auxiliary Police in 2001, but left about a year ago I believe (before neck and facial tattoos, and nasal/lip stretching).

    So strictly that should read “the most visibly tattooed FORMER cop in NYC”

    IIRC the NYAP requires members to NOT have any tattoos that would be visible when wearing a long sleeve uniform shirt and to wear “discrete” ear jewellery

  16. Being a cop for the last 32 yrs. I would say you have to be somewhat maladjusted to do the job. Or the job will cause you to become so. But it’s always been fun.

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