That’s a neat placement!

Yowch, snug piercings — the only piercing named after a clothing line — hurt badly enough without any extra tricks… but I quite like this snug orbital placement that Jennn had done by JD at Evolution Tattoo in Santa Rosa.

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28 thoughts on “That’s a neat placement!

  1. would it be easier to heal with 2 pieces of jewelry, and risk not-quite-perfect final fit, or this way?

  2. like it. But would put in two single piercings to let it heal first.

  3. Faye – My feeling is that with a finicky placement like this that it’s going to heal better using this jewelry initially because doing it with separate bars is going to leave something that’s going to require secondary adjustment and could actually develop problems when the jewelry is swapped out.

    Rusty – I wouldn’t say that it makes a whole lot of difference. These might as well be straight bars; the curve is such that it’s depth-wise identical to a straight bar.

    Kenevin – Why do you say that? I’ve seen these heal just fine.

  4. i like that a lot. during the first week of healing my snug, i was suffering from a bad cold (getting pierced was a stupid idea but hey ho, i survived) and it was horrendous pain. it put me off having another snug, nevermind an orbital. but it does look utterly gorgeous.

    & i would personally heal it with this jewelry.

  5. I’m going with commenter #9. TOTALLY not going to heal. Snugs are enough of a pain in the ass when it’s just one piercing with one piece of jewelry.

  6. I’m sure it’ll heal – but chances are the scarring won’t be pretty. Unless she’s one of those freaky people who can heal damn near anything without a scar.

  7. I would have to agree with Manada, I’m sure it will heal as well, just take a painfully long time to do so. It does appear to have some hypertrophic scarring on the top hole though.

  8. I would have done it with 2 2mm pieces and then swapped out for a 1.3mm piece. That way it will still adjust on it’s own and you get to avoid all that scarring. Just my 2 cents though.

  9. Cucuy: math is a bit off. 2mm = 12ga and 1.2mm = 16ga and 1.6mm = 14ga…But I’m just assuming that perhaps your finger slipped and hit 3 instead of 2 with that haha

    My personal concern is the diameter of the circular barbell in regards to the depth/shape of the pathways. There’s very little excess showing in the circular barbell which means the majority of it is passing through the snug area. So my main concern is the angles, swelling allowance, etc.

    Although I kinda agree with Cucuy on this one whereas doing it at 12ga, let it heal for a bit and then put in either a 14ga or 16ga circular barbell….Or even make a custom shaped circular barbell after that is rounded on the inner portion and then curves out a bit to correlate with the shape of using curved bars,etc.

  10. My snug healed awesomely – it was actually the one cartilage piercing I’ve had that healed quickly, smoothly and without too much pain. The swelling even went down way quick, even though about a week after I had it done, I came down with sinusitis and basically overdosed myself on painkillers. It was also way less painful to have done than, say, my anti-tragus…

  11. Awww come on, I think it looks good, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t heal if looked after properly!

    We’ve all seen stranger things!

  12. I agree with Warren.

    And just because we’ve all seen the random ass piercing heal that normally shouldnt, does not mean you should count on it happening with everything else.

    Unless the piercer somehow made a curved pathway for
    the jewelry to follow, its going to be too much pressure
    to hope for good healing. The tissue around the exit points
    already look like they are having slight issues.

  13. I had that exact piercing done with one ring, and it didn’t heal too well. The ring ended up getting sucked into my snug almost completely because of swelling, and had to have it pretty much dug out of my ear with a scalpel and forceps.

    not fun. hope yours goes better.

  14. It does not look like a keloid is forming or if so its way too soon to tell. It looks like hypertrophic scarring might be developing though……pet peeve. Stop calling everything a freaking keloid.

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