Haven’t you learned yet not to click?

Sexnar (members, check out his awesome bonus gallery) sent in this intense picture. Got a guess before you click? Post it. Warning though, this is quite graphic!

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75 thoughts on “Haven’t you learned yet not to click?

  1. i can’t believe that i look at things like this & have no feeling at all whatsoever !
    you’ve desensitised me shannon, & i’m sure it’s a very bad thing..

  2. why didnt i guess that?
    i bet the fingernail must of been less than pleasant in there

  3. whenever i see these i just guess something phallic. i’ll be shocked when it’s actually not!

  4. my guess was a finger in a scalped lip…but no…i don’t learn with the others “guess what” posts xD…my guess from now on will be always a cock…

    is it bad that i dont get impressed nowdays with cbt? x|

  5. It’s always cock. Always.
    I take perverse pleasure in calling in my flatmates when I see things like this. It just doesn’t phase me, but to a bunch of unmodded conservative 18 year old Irish kids…bless. *evil grin*

  6. Um… is it a finger tip on a cock? Or is it skin pinched in such a way to look like a finger tip??? I’m confused!!!

  7. 7 years of visiting BMEzine and now nothing shocks me. I have become quite desensitized. But my fiance who has a weak stomach sometimes sees me looking at odd pics on modblog and hes like “eeekk!! Thats sooooo groooosss!!” Poor guy, even a scary movie makes him feel sick.

  8. I knew it was going to be a finger through something…and with a name like sexnar I assumed a cock. But I didn’t expect the trussed up balls!

  9. I thought it’s a cock or perhaps.. no I couldn’t come up with anything better and apparently I didn’t have to..

  10. you’re right Shannon that was quite graphic…
    i thot it as an amp too…gutted

  11. I kept saying to myself “I don’t want to guess, I don’t want to guess”, and that was pretty much what I was expecting. That’s interesting though.

  12. I’m a bit confused – is it an intact finger through a whole in his winky? Or has the fingertip been severed and placed on top of the whole shebang?

    In either event, as some of the other posters have mentioned, I think after 9 years of looking at this stuff I’ve become quite desensitized. There’s only one thing I ever came across here (a video clip right here on Mod Blog) which I had to stop watching.

  13. Wow, was I wrong!

    Although it IS always a penis. Mostly because I’m willing to bet that 90% of the genital shots you get are penis. But yeah, I definitely thought it was a severed fingertip.

  14. This is the first one that’s made me say “why”. Not in a “I’m repulsed and disgusted” but like a “I’m curious to what’s going on” kind of way. I can’t see form or function going on…

  15. This is one of the few guess whats where you don’t automatically assume it’s someone’s junk.
    I thought it was a chopped finger, don’t know why, when has that ever warranted a guess what.

  16. hahahaha i just kinda tilted my head and went, “oh, interesting!”…what else should i expect, ive been poking around here since age 13 afterall! wow 11 years of bme, for me!

  17. I was really just expecting an amputation. I can’t decide if I’m shocked or disappointed.

  18. I saw that and my jaw dropped. Props to that guy. After frequenting BME for a while, my boyfriend learned not to look at the screen when I’m on here. I told him about it anyways and he looked ready to puke.

  19. months on BMEzine and MODBLOG have made me incapable of being disgusted or cringing at pain … thank you?

  20. Hahahaha intense
    And lmfao #24, I too fear that day.

    I was figured it was a finger going through a scrotal sack or a… cheek or some shit.
    Uhh… yeah.
    Props to that guy, I’d love to know how it was done.

  21. Is the dude still functional as a man with such a ragged looking hole through his penis?

  22. hee hee. I had to be sneaky clicking through to that on someone elses computer while they were out of the room… what would I say if they walked in while it was up?

  23. the first thing that came to MY mind (besides, “duh, a cock”) was how curious i’d be to see a video of the events leading up to this guy’s finger ending up in what looks like a very fresh hole in his wang.

    like, seriously — how the fuck did this guy’s situation end up where it ended up?

  24. One day someone will find what I spend my time looking at online…

    I fear that day.

    Yeah, jesus. There are something I’ll never, ever understand.

  25. clicked through because i’m impatient and went WHOAAAA to no one in particular

    it makes me a little queasy but that is fucking hot as hell

  26. My first thought was that it was a amputed fingertip put over some other place of the body. And it seemed so obvious to me…

  27. crap thats gross o.o
    what made him do that?

    @#3: i almost sufficated of laughter

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