A couple punny genital tattoos

The uncensored photos continue after the break…

Above, photo by Lane, Dragon FX Kingsway in Edmonton asks, “who’s he going to shoot with … next?” I suppose… The literal “One-Eyed Jack” tattoo below, done by Mr. Blue at Ink It in London UK, was tagged by the wearer “Looking for some fun”…

17 thoughts on “A couple punny genital tattoos

  1. Jesus, that second one must freak the hell out of any unaware ladies (or gentlemen) who happen to be going down there…

    Thats also probably the most detailed cock head tattoo ive seen!

  2. id be curious to see how well his glands turn out. i had mine done and i lost a good amount of color. i can only imagine what will happen to the detail in both of them. as for pain. my artist and i decided that it wouldn’t happen without a fair amount of topical anesthetic. i didn’t feel it. the pain hit the following morning when i got that thing that all men get when they wake up….

  3. i’m slightly freaked out by genital tattoos of any kind, but the third picture is soo detailed its even freakier!

  4. The “next” tattoo is supposed to be a bullet? Hmm…
    But geez, the ‘One-Eyed Jack” really sets a new standard for the quality of dick tattoos.

  5. his ball sac looks REALLY weird to me in the second pick, its like all red and bumpy now, i am a female and gay so i know basically nothing about male anatomy but is it supposed to look like that?

  6. ballsacks are extremely versatile. you can make them look like anything, and yeah, that’s a normal look they take on sometimes.

  7. my first thought on the “next” tattoo:
    “who wants to ‘bite the bullet’ next?”

  8. I’ve got mine done, the worst parts were towards the head and the base. If you open a life styles condom instructions thing. I got that diagram on how to put on a condom going down my shaft. Its like a comic strip. Hahahaha I laugh all the time from it.

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