33 thoughts on “I like his hair…

  1. There isn’t a single thing I don’t like about this picture, I could stare at it all day….

  2. Nice, I love black and white photos. I’m personally not a fan of the septum piercing jewelry, it kinda looks like metal snot dripping out of his nose…

  3. how can you tell his earlobes look bad? i can’t even really see them – maybe my monitor is set too dark or something?

  4. That dude is hot. And I love his septum jewelry! I wonder where he got it. I’d love something like that for my septum.

  5. You can see that there are quite big blow-outs.
    Other than that, I really dig the whole picture.

  6. ulitka ♥ bers ))))
    Берсик, ты у меня так и стоишь на рабочем столе))))XD
    а сбритую стрелку я тебе не прощу)))))

  7. Hahaha his hair is awesome. I’m not diggin that particular style CBR in his septum though, it just looks odd.

  8. I like this alot, it’s one of those pictures you can stare at for quite a long time.. although I do believe one of his ears looks a little blown out, but it could be the angle… everything looks great. I absolutely love the assemetry[sp, sorry] in his septum ring.

  9. Heh. I totally was thinking Aang when I saw this pic. Glad I’m not the only one.

    This dude is good looking too. =p

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