X-Rays and CT scans of piercings

Following up on the recently posted xray entry on surface bars, Excess sent in these shots of his pubic and clavicle surface bars piercings done for him by Julia Fyre and Brian Decker of PURE in NYC. Three more shots continue after the break — the torso shots are xrays and the head shots are CT scans.

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19 thoughts on “X-Rays and CT scans of piercings

  1. thats so neat i wonder if this catches the doctors off guard a bit and they think its like crap on the lens or something and try and scratch off the image of the bar bell

  2. heh that reminds me of when I went to the dentist and when they took the x-ray of my mouth I had my septum and nostril ring in…when I first looked at the picture I thought, “what the hell is that?”

  3. My dentist was adamant that I had to remove my tongue ring in order for them to take an xray. She started to tell me that they weren’t allowed to have piercings in when they did xrays so I argued that I’ve had it done before without having to remove it. I changed dentists.
    But anyways, awesome pictures.

  4. That happened to me with a dentist as well, but it was ear piercings she demanded I remove. If I was older and knew better I would have refused.

  5. When you have films taken of any part of your body they want a clear shot with nothing obscuring the image. That’s why they tend to request piercings to be removed for xrays.
    The dentist who insisted that a couple of you remove jewelery for xrays to be taken of your mouth wanted to get the best possible image for diagnosis, and to reduce the need for repeat films to be taken therefore reducing your radiation dose in the process.
    *takes off dentist hat*
    Wicked pictures as always – love you modblog :)

  6. I like seeing scans and X-rays just not of ME! There’s something that squicks me out about seeing in me.

  7. I had an oral x-ray done once. The dentist said, ‘If you’re wearing earrings could you take them out,’ and I just showed him my ears and pointed out my vertical labret and he decided it would take too long to bother to take out the jewellery. I wish I had copies of the photos!

  8. Re. 1 & 2 – to an untrained eye they might initally look like ‘crap on the lense’, but it’s pretty obvious what it is if you’re used to looking at xrays. I’ve only ever had one done of my hand so no funky bits of metal for me :(

  9. This has been mentioned on a previous ‘CT’ posting, but the head shots are not CT scans – they are x-rays taken at the beginning of a CT scanning session

  10. To add on to the response to comment #2, x-rays are printed on clear film, like a giant negative for example, and then put on a light box to see them with the most clarity. So, you couldn’t really scratch it off or anything. I think it would be much more of a “oh goodness, what is this foreign objext floating around in this person’s abdomen?” response, at least for a moment. ;)

    I could look at xrays all day, they’re so neat!

  11. i wish the doctor today let me take home my x-rays. my nipples, labret, tongue and the bottom halves of my lobes showed up in mine. it was pretty awesome.

  12. #13 you’re right. The images are not CT scan imagines, definitly x-ray. He just didn’t know it was being done before the start of the scan.

    People complaining about removing jewelry for dental x-rays need to know a couple of things:
    A) the metal from a piercing will show up opaque in an x-ray and therefore can hide important diagnostic aspects of an x-ray and
    B) alot of dental xray machines turn while x-raying to get a 360 degree view: the part of the machine are fairly close to your head and so any external jewelry has a mild risk of possibly getting caught in the moving parts. Its a useless, though very unlikely, risk.

  13. Once after a crying fit, I dislodged my septum retainer and inhaled it – ended up swallowing it. At the emergency room, the X-Rays were being handed around to every giggling doctor and nurse to see it bright as day sitting in my stomach.

    They ended up knocking me out and going down my throat after it… nicely enough, they gave it back to me in a little plastic bag o_O

  14. I recently had my first experience with piercings and x-rays. I have eight dermal anchors in my chest. I had to get some x-rays taken at a chiropractors office because of some pain in my neck that I knew was not from sleeping on it funny. The chiropractor let me keep the dermals in when he took the x-rays. I will say this, it did look really cool. It showed up as eight white dots. Luckily, the chiropractor likes the dermal anchors.

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