Chesting, Chesting..

One, two, three.

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Lukas Zpira fits a customer with two vertical chest implants whilst breast guest spotting at Wildcat in Antwerpen, Belgium.

16 thoughts on “Chesting, Chesting..

  1. Oh…oh god, as much as I love this stuff there is still the aspect of it that makes me cringe…all with love though!!

  2. 1:05 “My sperm, your face!” !?!?
    I love seeing the Jesus in the background while listening to metal…

  3. If someone involved in the procedure is reading I’d like to ask two questions: (1) Was anestetic used or is he just a strong guy (I think I am relatively good at standing pain but I don’t think I could stand that still while such a scalpel is being introduced under my chest!). (2) Is it possible to use such a piercings for a suspension?

  4. Ow ow ow ow ow!

    But I couldn’t help laughing at the song the whole way through.

    Such a good video!

  5. Woops, sorry…I looked twice at the video and both times I missed the suture at the end… I believed they were deep chest piercing like Ze or Lucky Diamond have. My question makes no sense…

  6. yes, it where done for deep chest like lucky diamond. i have reopened them 6 month after for that but it where too hard and now i’ve retired both 🙁

  7. the band is metal school!!
    great call shannon 🙂

    lord i had a child just fine but i don’t think i could stand the pain of getting an implant, so i give the guy props 🙂

  8. The guy doing the implanting look like he was doing it kinda ruff. That’s the first time watching implants being put in so I guess I have nothing to base it on.

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