21 thoughts on “Ferdudurke’s Forehead Tattoo

  1. This tatty will have to go on my list of nicest facial tattoos with Nick, Shannon and Kat Von D (her tatty is subtle but so pretty). There is something about facial tattoos in white that just look soooo amazing! Wow! Its just so pretty!

  2. Really suits his face, awesome stuff. Props to him for pulling it off so stunningly.

    On a side note, what the hell is going on w/his septum?

  3. this looks killer!

    the older pic doesn’t have the outline of what is now there and making it not resemble a penis.

    seems like modblog readers might have helped him notice something wrong with the initial design.

    personally, i miss the cock.

    bring back the cock!

  4. Most white ink tattoos I’ve seen have been really subtle.. why does this one pop so much..?

  5. I should like to see this healed. Right now the tattoo resembles images of people who were having trouble healing their white ink tatts.

  6. “grr! this is my angry face!”
    I miss the penis tattoo! I’m totally alright with the hidden anuses in mine, I think its amusing, and only us sick minded folk will see them.

    but yeah, the changed one is nice too….

  7. @7: maybe ‘cos it has not yet healed. dunno, though.
    anyway the tattoo is gorgeous. and he’s a hottie…

  8. This guy just reminds me so much of a lion (albeit a lion with a killer forhead tattoo), and it’s not just the dreads, although they certainly help…

  9. “you see this face? this is my serious face.”

    that said, my GOD what a gorgeous tattoo! i think it flows really well with this features, not too intense but certainly not too minimal either.

  10. It seems almost like a birthmark instead of a tattoo, if that makes any sense. It just seems so organic. It really compliments his face well.

  11. I think the ink works well for him – nothing I’d do.

    and the large labret, those always make people look so sad. lol.

  12. Is it bad that I don’t see the penis in the original?

    I like this tattoo … it’s kind of subtle, even for a facial, yet it still stands out.

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