Another set of facial panels added

Keeping you updated on Nick’s amazing transformation, here’s the latest work he’s had done. As I said before, I am very thankful to be able to watch this unfold, and it keeps looking better and better.

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32 thoughts on “Another set of facial panels added

  1. I like this addition, the last step made him look a little angry, just with the way the lines flowed with his face. Now he looks much happier and more approachable. Love watching the progress!

  2. That last session has really set the piece off beautifully. I think it’s a stunning bit of work. Nicks transformation in this short period of time has kept me riveted. Good on you Nick, and to Tattoo Joe. Good efforts for the modified community!

  3. I LOVE the look on his face!! Hilarious.
    Also liking the blackwork on the scalp… He’s starting too look more complete to me ^^

  4. Looking great NY Nick! It has been quite the pleasure to watch the evolution of his facial tattoos. I hope it doesn’t stop here.

  5. #8 i find it ironic that you say more approachable, a lot of the ”average joes” in the public would be frightened to death, i love it tho!

  6. Coming along great! I love seeing step by step =)
    And the fancy shirt and tie works perfectly with it.

  7. Great work – weird photo. Why is he hiding behind a (fake?) plant. And Shannon, could have gotten rid of the demon eyes, eh?

  8. Don’t get me wrong I do love the facial tattoo

    But the thing I think is REALLY aesthetically appeasing is the way his shirt and tie offsets the tattoo work :)

    I like the contrast of it :)

  9. Pretty wicked looking the last pieces really made a huge difference,love the scalp work at the top…

  10. amazing gets better and better i wonder if hell extend it from his face 2 his neck and chest and so on

  11. this is my favorite stage so far! i love the blackwork on his forehead.

    lol, lunar – he’s probably better paid than you and i combined!

  12. This looks great! It flows really well with his features, much more so now he’s had the new bits added. Before it sort of looked a bit like he had a strange tattooed moustache!

  13. is this the police office from new york?

    I an enjoying watching it all unfold via this site!.
    and I agree with who ever said he looks friendlier now!

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