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  1. I thought it said: “Let All Red Signify That Roses Bloom Your Ground.”

    I’ve had a couple cover-ups… There must be something that can be done.

  2. @ Boudicca I think it can be fixed, but by someone who knows what the bloody hell they’re doing. The end curve thing on the r of your could be made into an E relatively easily, and then it’s just a matter of adding an apostrophe.

  3. ::sigh:: things like this boggle my mind. not only did she not research it, but the artist didn’t think to, and I am sure there were at least 2 people (if not more) who were present and they didn’t even realize!! besides the fact, that rose looks more like a red lotus flower. to each his own, hopefully she loves it either way.

  4. i can’t feel sorry for this person. anyone who puts that little thought into something that will be with her and on her forever deserves what she gets!

  5. Wow. Walking grammar error. I agree with Leanna – if you don’t spend enough time thinking about your tattoo to get proper basic grammar, you get what’s coming to you.

  6. I have no pity for her. Really, I think “caution: I’m stupid” signs should be mandatory anyways. This one’s a good start.

  7. Yeah… I can’t feel sorry for her. So many of these kids are getting “hip” lyrics tattooed on their skin and there are plenty that get burned because of spelling and grammar errors. This is why you go in KNOWING what you want, down to the color and font and all the details.

  8. I agree with #14. If you’re able to get a tattoo, you should be able to spell it properly. A shame indeed. It’s otherwise a very pretty chest piece.

  9. Granted it’s an unfortunate error, it’s really not that big of a deal. She probably knows it’s wrong and is either gonna fix it or leave it as is.
    Either way, it’s a really nice tattoo and I really like the font (even though the a in ‘around’ looks like a g).

  10. is it jst the YOU’RE thats wrong and im not being thick and missing something?
    i read it “let all red signify that roses bloom your ground” as well 😐

  11. Even without the grammatical/spelling mistake, “Let all red roses bloom signify that you’re around” makes no sense. Maybe if it was “red roses’ bloom,” but even that sounds weird.

  12. I’m with someone above, I read it all the way across (Let all red signify that…).

    I think typos in tattoos are sad.

  13. If it is from the song Sings of Betrayal, it should actually read “Let all the red roses bloom to signify that you’re around.” Ouch.

  14. Maybe she’s not a native English speaker. A good demonstration for all those people who don’t properly research their foreign language tattoos anyway: this is exactly how people react when they see mangled kanji or Arabic or whatever.

  15. Ah, #36, makes a lot more sense now. It doesn’t even fit into her body well… But the font is quite nice

  16. Fuck y’all. Tattoos with typos are cooler then gay emo lyrics without typos. If she can laugh it off she’s primo wife material.

  17. That’s deeply worrying…Have schools stopped teaching children anything about language these days?

  18. 41.Fuck y’all. Tattoos with typos are cooler then gay emo lyrics without typos. If she can laugh it off she’s primo wife material.

    i think that was really uncalled for

  19. this always saddens me when i see it happen. aside from the fact that i’m a proofreader and do report formatting as a career, i had a single word tattooed on my wrist and must have checked at least three dictionaries and five or six people before i was convinced that it was spelled correctly (you know how it is, you look at a word long enough and it doesn’t look like it’s spelled right anymore?).

    hopefully there’s something that can be done, if she does, in fact, want to fix it. if not, well, maybe it can be her interesting story? though i imagine most people would want their interesting story to be significantly smaller…

  20. Ew. Okay, that’s really gross. But, honestly, maybe she’s just a smart girl with bad grammar? I’m sure there are people out there that are much more stupid than her…=/

  21. What a shame 🙁 It’s really beautiful, though.
    #38 I seriously doubt it. Besides, what about the artist, he was there too, wasn’t he?;) I’m not a native English speaker myself, but we learn about contractions and the use of apostrophes from the very beginning and it isn’t something we struggle with. On contrary, I’ve seen many native speakers who confused it.

  22. omg. i feel bad.
    but wouldn’t you notice beforehand?!?!

    this is why you make sure everything is perfect before you get it permanently tattooed onto you.

  23. lol she just needs to have “…the corner” flowing into her arm pit – that’d make sense and retain the sentiment, sort of. 😛

  24. I would feel sorry for her if English isn’t her first language. But otherwise, careful proofreading is a must when making as important a decision as getting tattooed and in such a prominent place too.

  25. Aside from the obvious “your” instead of “you’re” and “the” missing, there’s also a “to” missing….it should read “let all the red roses bloom to signify that you’re around”…

    ohh typossssss….

  26. This makes me think of a girl who I used to know who had “Oi! Oi!” tatooed on her clavicles, but it looked like “Oil Oil”. They make stencils for a reason.

  27. One could probably squeeze in a skinny ‘e’ on the end of ‘your’, the spacing would probably look a little off afterwards though.

  28. Unless you are familiar with the person being inked, there’s no reason to assume that she’s an idiot. Maybe it was the artist’s flop.:/
    Misspelling aside, it looks nice enough. I don’t like how it it set up; I think it should be “Let all red roses bloom” be on one single line, rather than bunched up on a side.

  29. Couldn’t you just tack a small cursive E onto the end of the R and add a apostrophe?

    It might look odd, but better than having a grammatical error on your chest forever!

  30. Part of one of my tattoos reads “A Pirate’s Life”, but for about 4 years it said “A Pirates Life” because the artist forgot to tattoo the apostrophe.

    I didn’t notice it until the next day once all the excess ink and purple stencil came off. I figured I’d go back in when I got another tattoo, but that ended up not being until last year. At last!

    It’s not in a place I show off a lot, so I wasn’t self-conscious about it.

  31. ah! this makes me twitch. the only thing worse would be if she has another tattoo somewhere with ‘than’ instead of ‘then’!!!

  32. This would drive me absolutely insane; I’m a complete stickler for grammatical correctness. If it was the artist’s error, I would be FUMING.

  33. Although, apart from the grammar, I actually quite like the tattoo – even though the whole phrase doesn’t actually seem to make any sense!

  34. A requirement of being a tattoo artist should be having a spell checker on hand–considering most people seem too dumb to do it themselves (unless of course, you think people should pay for their stupidity ;p)

  35. Wow, what a fabulous advertisement for Adam at Electric Haven in Tempe, AZ! You can’t buy this kind of publicity. Well, you could, and in a way, I suppose he did. He will(or should) be paying for this one for a while, and rightfully so! What a douche, that’s a crime against humanity, body-modification, and grammar. That’s 3 strikes!

    That poor girl. Many people advertise their stupidity, but usually not this blatantly, or permanently. *cringe* On the upside, her friends probably aren’t smart enough to notice. But seriously, I just can’t imagine putting that little thought and planning into a mod as permanent, visible, and uh, “close to the heart” as this. Plus, if you’re going to go through the pain and expense of a tat like this, be fucking committed and do your homework! I know many people feel differently, but I feel that tats should be somewhat sacred to the individual they’re on. Shit, it’s her body, and I hope she’s happy with it, or can be. If not, well, my condolences on you’re typo ;p

  36. to all the people saying “surely the artist should have seen this and done something about it!!”; I have heard of policies where artists get you to do the writing, and get you to double check it, and whatever you ok, that’s what they tattoo on you. Regardless of whether it’s right or wrong or whatever. Then it’s the complete responsibility of the person getting tattooed, it’s not the artist’s problem.

    Not trying to stick up for the artist or anything, but i have heard of that.

  37. ugh, horrible. it would sound better without ‘bloom’ anyway. though if they are lyrics then who am i to say, but me not knowing where that is from i prefer the bloom out of there. “Let all the red roses signify that you’re around” OR perhaps “Let all the red roses bloom TO signify that you’re around” (as #58 mentioned).
    poor show… hopefully she’ll figure out a way to fix that mess.

  38. I’d like to know the context this was sent in to you. Was it, ‘Here’s a picture of my fantastic new chestie,’ or was it sent as a warning to others to double check things first? Might help us to figure out who is at fault here, because I really can’t accept it was meant!

  39. beans you’re right. When I worked in Dallas a guy came is and wanted his girlfriend (of 4 years) name on his shoulder, HE wrote it down on paper, the artist made him spell it out loud without looking at it, and then asked him to double check the spelling after he made the stencil… He got the tattoo and while getting the tattoo called her to let her know so she came up to the shop. By the time she got their they were done with the tattoo and he showed her and she said “who the fuck it that”?

    Totally the wrong spelling…

    The artist was not at fault for that one for sure.
    It was however a huge tattoo and dude was stuck with it and an angry girlfriend.

  40. I dunno, I think it can be fixed.
    There’s some room in front of roses for “the” and a “to” in front of “signify” (maybe at the hollow of her throat?) and a good artist could PROBABLY squeeze in an “e” at the end of “your”. I just hope once she gets his fixed she learns from this mistake and proofreads.

  41. #38 Bobb – Yep. I was going to post similar about the kanji tattoo reactions.

    Quite the awkward moment when someone with a terribly wrong one (in bad handwriting too, half the time) asks my opinion. Uh…

  42. For the last fucking time, contractions are easy:

    you are (u r) = you’re. The apostrophe is the missing “a”
    we are (we r) = we’re. etc.

    belongs to you = your (ur).

    Just a little reminder for the L33t modders out there.

  43. Oh my god, it doesn’t even make sense! Not to mention the little contraction issue (or lack thereof issue, I guess). Why wouldn’t you double check before getting this? Ask all your friends, type it in Word and spell/grammar check it, something?

    Check this out before getting a tattoo, ladies and gentlemen: http://bellevuecollege.edu/writinglab/apostrophe.html

  44. maybe she realised she couldnt fit all the wording in..

    so shortened it down a bit?

  45. 38: No offence, but I find most American kids have a problem with differentiating between “your” with “you’re”, and “to” with “too”, not foreign kids.

    I find that foreign-language schools teaching English as a subject take special care to show children the difference (just my opinion from observation, I know there are excellent American schools too). Maybe it’s easier to take English for granted when everyone around you is speaking it.

    However, like in my case, being Chinese growing up in Malaysia, you had to learn your mother tongue first and then your national language (Malay). English is just a subject in school but we all learnt the language well partially because we’ve learnt to converse to others in other languages/dialects, perhaps the language center in the brain have been made more receptive and easier to pick up English well.

    Just saying that maybe she isn’t foreign, foreign people can speak/write better English than native speakers too. Also perhaps we should highlight the point that the tattoo artists themselves should be more careful and less negligent when it comes to worded tattoos. Can they be held responsible to a degree?

  46. Grammar needs to be corrected, but it’s a beautiful chest piece 😀

  47. I’m tempted to get a gramatically incorrect tattoo now in the hope that everyone that’s getting way too worked up about this will spontanously combust.

  48. Terrible. I’m in the same boat as Megan (post #72) was though…got a quote tattooed, checked the stencil, apostrophe was on it, all good. Got home, cleaned up, looked in the mirror, swore. Next appointment in a few weeks not a few years though, thankfully.

  49. just put “to” in the middle: let all red roses bloom, to signify that your..oh.. ok, ‘you’re’ around” … well.. might as well fix what you can and leave alone what you can’t

  50. It reminds me of Robbie Williams’ tattoo on chest : “Chacun à son goût” I doesn’t mean anything in french! Or if it’s exactely what he wanted to say, then there’s is a grammatical error, and honestly that sounds wierd. The right sentence is “A chacun ses goûts” But who am i to criticize, my english is not so good..

  51. No mattter how I try to read this I still can make no sense of it, but it could be changed to “let all red signify that roses bloom year-round.”

  52. _I Absolutely insist on having the client write the wording they want on the back of the release form…..Before this, I’ve had fathers spell their daughter’s names wrong, husbands spell their wive’s names wrong, even a mother who got a memorial for her 6 yr old who died tragically, and she mistakenly had me tattoo the poor kid’s brother’s birthdate instead of his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. What complete dumbasses, both the artist and the person who has to walk around with this mistake.

  54. I agree and disagree. There is obviously a typo…”your” instead of “you’re”, but aside from that, there’s nothing wrong with it. She doesn’t seem to be going for the song lyrics some people are mentioning. If that were true, she wouldn’t have capitalized the ‘S’ in Signify. That along with the ‘L’ at the very beginning are the only two letters that are capitalized. It was meant to be two separate sentences. Just my humble opinion.

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