“The world needs to see this”

I promise I won’t post any more YouTube stuff today, but this was linked from the entry below and I thought it was kind of funny…

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69 thoughts on ““The world needs to see this”

  1. “…cause I like that superman song they’re playin on the radio…” lmfao

    This was so damn hilarious, thank you for brightening up my morning!

  2. Oh my god. I woke up to this. Laughed myself out of the sandmans stupor. Luckily I had taken the morning piss or I would have peed all over myself. And that’s just not fashionable these days.

  3. Of course, thy are all fake tattoos, it’s the same person to if you didn’t notice.
    Awesome though :D

  4. Ahahahah hilarious, and so pathethically true…
    And sadly to see, a much much better video about tattoos than the precedent one I think ;-)

  5. This is awesome. I know a kid who got “Until Next Time” tattooed down his entire arm. He said it was going to become the “new goodbye” and he would just flash his arm instead of saying goodbye to people. This kid’s “What” tattoo reminded me of that.

  6. on a side not I knew a guy when I was in the Marines who got Fuck You tattoo’d on the side of his forearm so they would kick him out, cause every time you walk by an officier you have to salute….muahahah

  7. “i call that the snakebite, cos it looks like i got bit by a snake” i love it.

  8. @43- no way those are real… even Cere’s stuff doesn’t look that bad, hahah

    Cat Farm made me literally LOL.

  9. “this one’s a flag! actually…it’s a rectangle, cuz i don’t know which flag to get…yet…”

    i nearly peed myself.

  10. my first comment on this site ever.
    wow..i love that guy, i was smiling/blushing the whole time.hahah

  11. A great meme is born inside the body modification community!
    Hell, I’ll get one of his tattoos myself!

  12. i haven’t seen something that funny in a while…i need to get out more.

  13. Man I liked the material, and it all just seems to let it flow, talent and funny things like the snake bite to name just one different the other people named, I like this stuff at bme, it makes me laugh and feel happy as always to belong this !!!.

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