Miss Mindi

Yes, yes, bring on the jokes about how Miss Mindi (who does “acrobatic neo-burlesque”) is not just very cute, but also very horny (pierced by Kristof in Brisbane)… What I especially got a kick out of though — and you can see this in the play piercing photos after the break — is that she has a Cheshire Cat tail tattooed on her!

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51 thoughts on “Miss Mindi

  1. I’ve had a LONG day and these pic’s made me smile. Colourful and cute and I definately love the cheshire cat tail…yay Alice in Wonderland.

  2. With her green hair, white skin and bright red lips, she looks a bit like the Joker’s cute girlfriend or something.

  3. Omg! I love her blue hair….. I’m jealous..
    And I like her cat tail ^^

  4. Hey, I know her :) I feel awfully leet today! She works with my brother.

  5. Am I seeing it wrong, or is the end of the Cheshire Cat’s tail, um, penetrating an orifice?

  6. yes your seeing it wrong its the base of my tail like its part of me stuck on yeah now you see! thanks to all for the kudos!

  7. Are we positive that that tail is tattooed? It looks like marker in the photo.
    Regardless, she’s adorable and I love the photos.

  8. yes its tattoed! you come try lick rub it off then it just needs more touch up and a shadow

  9. her smile makes me smile too! I love the cat tattoo. Oddly though, I know three other people with (almost) the same lotus tattoo, all in the exact same spot on their backs as hers. The one variation is one gal has the OM symbol above it. I wonder if it’s some strange sub-conscious spiritual thing. Or coinkidink

  10. she reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… maybe cuz i watched that today, maybe cuz it is my favorite movie… i dont know why… but she does haha

    cute tail, great smile, nice piercings ;)

  11. @29, Diego: Yah, she does kinda have a resemblance to Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine. I guess it’s largely because of the blue hair. Also one of my favorite movies, btw. :)

    @22, Mindi: Please please please let me try to lick that tattoo off of you… Hehehe, just my way of saying you are a very beautiful girl. :)

  12. Oh, the symetry is divine!!
    Oh to be so pretty that you can get away with a bold look like this….you are so lucky Miss Mindy!

    Luuuurve the tail, fantastic concept! Such a cheeky grin matches so well. Stunning!!!!!

  13. Aw. I have the same underwear too (:
    I lovelovelove the tail.
    Anything that’s related to alice in wonderland makes my heart melt, but this especially!

  14. I love her matching eyeshadow and hair in the first picture! She’s adorable.

  15. oh, girl with a blue hair is very beatiful :)
    her smile makes me happy and I want to be happy

  16. oh..I live in Russia and this web site makes me happy and funny when I watched this pictures. :) thanks.

  17. She is gorgeous! I want underwear like that, so cute.
    I want to see more of her, the top picture compared to the bottom ones look like different people.

  18. I’m still confused as usual, are you saying it’s supposed to look like the the tail is coming out of you AND the cat, and they “combine”?

  19. in regards to the comment above the tail is a part of me joined as if i have a tail no other cat just miss mindi!

  20. she and her mods are absolutely adorable.

    you got to stop posting flattering cheek piercings because it is making me want them and i just know they will make me look like a chubby cheeked chipmunk

  21. OH she is just so beautiful i especially <3 the placements of her piercing…they make her look even cuter! oh yeah and the blue hair rocks :D xx x

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