The Focus of her Suspension

“His mother was savagely beaten and raped in the Rwandan genocide, his birth was a result of the raping.

She does not love him, but because she is left crippled from the beatings she needs him to fetch her things. You can learn more about it at the Amnesty International website.”

IAM: valerian holding a photo of Nizeyimana as she suspends.

4 thoughts on “The Focus of her Suspension

  1. wow, this is a beautiful suspension photo. i would be willing to say that this is one of the most perfect photographs i’ve ever seen. the subject is beautiful, physically, and emotionally. lovely.


  2. Wow. thanks for the amazing compliment. thats a very big statement to say that its one of the most perfect pictures youve ever seen. Not sure how to feel about that. Im glad you enjoy it. *hug*


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