35 thoughts on ““My balls finally lost their virginity”

  1. now thats just confusing! it took me more than a couple seconds of staring to figure out what was going on.

  2. Bendtheglass, that was exactly my thought. It took me a few seconds to figure out it was two dudes with one dick each…

  3. I thought he had two as well!

    My first thought was “WOW, oh my…”
    Second thought was oh duh… darn…

    Not that it isn’t impressive..just my first thought was way out there.

  4. LOLLL! i was so confused! i was like “does he have 2 penises?!?!” took me a while to comprehend. =P

  5. I’m only seeing scrotum and no balls – where’d they go? Haha I’m sure (well, I’m *assuming*) the hands are just blocking them from being obvious in the photo, but it made me do a double take.

  6. hahahahah….straight edge people cant have sex now? Adam, dont make a comment like that without actually getting facts straight about what straight edge means.

  7. #21 i think thats what he was doing wasnt it?…#19 ”just a dick through my balls”… if you read that from an ”outsiders” perspective, its really funny

  8. #21 Dude, Minor Threat began straight edge and they said “Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke, Don’t Fuck. Maybe you should go read history of straight edge yourself.

  9. *eye roll* at the “what is straight edge” fight.

    some people think straightedge means no foreign substances in the body, and i think the volume of tattoo ink in pauly would indicate that he does not take one of the strictest interpretations of edge.

    pointless argument, regardless. elitist nonsense.

    I’m of mixed feelings on my lack of ballsack–on the one hand, so much extra skin to pierce! on the other…i’d totally be compelled to do crazy shit like this. think how much time i’d waste sticking things through my nutsack.

    pauly…you take things to a whole new level, always. you may be a tad bonkers, but you rarely fail to make me smile. rock on.

  10. Dont most straight edge people say “no promiscuous sex”?
    I am genuinely interested, it is a subculture that I have a lot of respect for, and I would like to hear what the different takes on it are.

  11. #23 sorry you would be wrong, minor threat didnt begin straight edge at all, Ian MacKaye only coined the phrase straight edge, and it was not when he was in minor threat it was when he was in the teen idles, the idea of straight edge was around long before that

    people try to argue their own person aspect of edge as what is the idea of straight edge, i am tried of having this fight

    dont drink dont smoke dont do drugs, live by that and your golden, everything past that is a personal choice of edge like being vegan, not drinking caffeine, and yes even sex

    ok so now lets shut up about stuff that doesnt matter and focus on dick through the balls action ahah

  12. looking at this involved a couple of stages for me.

    firstly: looking. It confused me. Im having a blonde day today.
    secondly: The eureka moment. So THATS what that is.
    thirdly:Intrigue. Oh i really like that.
    fourthly: Intense turn on. I REALLY like that. Can i have a go?

  13. hells, just read their freaking wiki then. Minor Threat is directly responsible for starting the modern straight edge movement thanks to their song Straight Edge. The idea of being “straight edge” has been around as long as humans have been, we just have them to thank for making it something everyone is aware of. That’s what I was trying to get across, not that they came up with the idea for it. I was stoned when I was trying to explain myself last time. Hah. And I’m done being stupid now.

    That having been said, I really rather want to lick your cock Pauly. It looks so… enticing. I’ve always been curious what it would be like to lick a cock like that…

  14. what did that feel like?
    i mean really… i struggle to imagine!

  15. So, as I am not an avid follower of Sir Unstoppable, what is going on at the bottom of your sack? I get the whole transscrotal thing, but the rest has left me confused.

  16. I didn’t even know he was gay….
    And wtf is the end of his dick like spotty and open Eww?

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