28 thoughts on “ModZombies

  1. He looks quite menacing. She looks sort of … upset. Paps she was his victim.

  2. Those are some hot zombies! Love the plugs in the first picture and the transdermals in the second.

  3. What, exactly, is the appeal of being a zombie? I’m really simply curious, because, while I can see the advantages of being a vampire, werewolf, etc., I don’t get the advantage of being a zombie. Even the fast ones.

    Explanation? I’m really mystified by that one…

  4. #9: I don’t know why one would want to be a full-time zombie other than for shock value, but I do know that dressing up for a zombie walk is a lot of fun! I was in attendance when the first picture was taken, and I have to say that staggering around downtown covered in blood is a very good time.

  5. My boyfriend is very scared of zombies! I think he’d shit himself if he bumped into these two! haha

  6. Awesome! I don’t know how I feel about a picture of me looking terrible being glorified on Modblog, but I guess that is the most appealing advantage to being a zombie; that you have a pretty good excuse for looking like shit!

  7. Those totally made my day! Definitely some of the best zombie pictures I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve always wanted to upload pictures of myself as a zombie, I’ve just never gottan around to it.

  8. wow, pretty kick ass makeup there kids! I wonder how long that took to complete? I’m loving it guys, awesome picture.

  9. Oh.. Cool! 😀
    Brianne Tweddle with her famous make up xD
    Gosh… She’s more than a make up artist……
    Love this pic.. =)

  10. #22 only took about 30 min to an hour on mine.
    im guessing a lil longer for her. 😛

  11. I was making waffles and an army of the undead in my kitchen while doing my makeup, but I think it would probably have taken me an hour-ish without distractions.

  12. I love Vombies hair in that picture 😀
    and why won’t BME let me join! Am not happy about it!

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