Those are not connected!

Chouk79165 in Brussels, Belgium, got a third vertical lowbret by Indy recently, making it I think the first central one I’ve seen in a non-tribal context (ages ago Olivier showed me some postcards of vertical central lowbrets that were about an inch across)… You can click for a less misleading photo.

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13 thoughts on “Those are not connected!

  1. Dam i looks like they do. wow,nice linement…I wonder if its possible to actualy pierce all the way through?

  2. i personally know him, and these gums were already like that i think. now, i don’t know if there will be a evolution of these last one with the new piercings.
    just time will say.

    great job to my friend Indy btw

  3. I really enjoyed piercing these and I think they suit Alex well! As for the gums they have always been like that, but we will keep an eye on ‘evolution’ anyway. Smaller balls will be added to the barbell on the inside once they are more healed though.

    and thanks btw :p

  4. So do they go down from the inside of the mouth, through the skin just above the bone of the chin?

    slightly confused.

  5. Looks awsome. Congrats to both , I love the lowbrets, indy can always pierce things so simetrically ;] kudos x

  6. I’ve got vertical lowbrets and have been considering getting one there too; that looks amazing! I wonder what the pain was like compared to his other ones ‘^_^

  7. Yes they go through all the way from the gums to the chin.

    And they all seemed to hurt about the same. At least this is what I saw during the piercing. Now everybody is different so…

  8. I had vertical lowbrets – they were really annoying and screwed up my teeth and gums so I took them out…I have always missed them!

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