Big and Small

Candice recently did a photoshoot with Ashley at Savage Skin for a magazine cover and article. She says,

Now, I have seen some of the pictures of “big” guys on ModBlog, but none are as big as my dear friend, who happens to be a champion bodybuilder from Lithuania and who is my personal trainer — imagine the two of us in the gym!

Candice also did the tribalwork on his back (and Andro did the biomech). You can click this first picture for a poster-sized version and there are a couple more after the break.

52 thoughts on “Big and Small

  1. I’ve seen some bodybuilding that looks horribly extreme on some people, but this looks great. It suits him and he’s balanced.
    He’s really nice-looking. And so is she. Love the inkwork on both of them.

  2. It may just be because she’s sitting next to a colossal statue of a man, but she looks like a tiny pixie.

    …Both of them are absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  3. he looks like might eat her 😛
    Pretty girl, but that bloke….I think his dad may of been a tank.

  4. Oh my ! I am so happy to see Lithuanian on ModBlog ! Puikiai atrodot, žmogau! (you look awesome, man).

  5. Waaauuuw… she’s… oh my… she’s just sooo pretty!
    I got this thing for shorthaired girls, and this just confirms it… just WAUW! 😛

  6. normally i’m not a fan of tribal backpieces but his really suits his anatomy and the shape of his muscles. a great choice of design!

    i love how tiny she looks next to him, and how hulking and protective he seems in the photos. like #3 said he’s got an extremely balanced look so he doesn’t come across as being “over-fit” or looking like a steroid monkey. and she’s just drop dead gorgeous, period.

    great photos!

  7. Well, that’s the bodymod 🙂

    I’m not really into bodybuilders, but I really enjoy looking at him 🙂

    And they both looks really great together 🙂

  8. I think he’s the first guy I’ve ever seen that might actually chafe his thighs if he walks for too long…

    Rockin pictures.

  9. I saw a bit of Kiera Knightley in her when I saw the first photo…I can’t be the only one? (I probably am though)
    That said, I love these photos! She’s gorgeous, and christ, I think his thighs are the size of my body!

  10. I think Big and Slender might be a more appropriate title. She’s almost as tall as him.

    Enough griping however as they both have beautiful mods and I’m def a fan of the gentleman’s body build. Well proportioned and thought out.

  11. Oh, how great it is that she’s portrayed as clearly subservient to him in every picture but the first. As if the corset didn’t make it obvious enough.

  12. I see what you mean, Zombie, because it’s a theme that is unfortunately prevalent in many photographs/in media. however, in this instance, I think it’s more for showing how big he is, not how she is a pretty, little subservient girl.

  13. Yet more proof of how beautiful body modifications are… I don’t think she looks subservient to him, I think they’re trying to emphasis how tiny she is next to him.

  14. Zombie Z – There are photos in the set (which will be on the main site) in the next couple of days where the roles are reversed visually, where he’s quite visually subservient to her. Lighten up and don’t jump to silly conclusions.

  15. He looks like a really cute (and huge) puppy!
    Good set, and the photographer is very talented, judging from the other work.

  16. Holy hell. Very interesting shots. The gentleman’s body is very impressive, even if not at all my thing. And the lovely lady is gorgeous!

  17. I hate pictures like this! You can see that she has great tattoos, but you can’t look closely!
    And another thing, zombie z, what if she was subservient to him? That’s their own business. I’m pretty sure that if there’s one thing that modblog pushes it’s “to each their own”.

  18. Oh man. This is simply fabulous, she’s one of my favorite women whom is repeatedly photographed in this blog; I never tire of looking at her, she has a unique beauty that is unsurpassed by most “beautiful” women. Love the ink work.

  19. I love love love the other photos on the Savage Skin site, this Ashley person has serious SERIOUS talent.

  20. The back piece is such a waste of a great canvas..

    I’m loving the arm tattoo in the first photo.

  21. wait, so candice is big, because her hair is tall, and he is small because his hair is small? right? anyway, at least that is something to think about, Zombie, but not enough to ruin these great photos, for me at least

  22. i actually don’t see ant sort of dominance in this picture. i see her as being ridiculously strong although she is smaller. the heals… the cane and the poses suggest to me that she is in control. he is just their while she pretty much takes the picture.

  23. I like these photos. The bodybuilder aesthetic doesn’t really do it for me personally, but you’ve got to admire the dedication.

    I don’t really see subservience in her in any of the pictures. Her look is too assertive for that, and the cane and heels definitely don’t say subservient.

  24. 3 things:
    a) his thighs, along with the rest of him = HUGE
    b) she’s still gorgeous, although I loved her when she was bald.
    c) awesome shoot, love the contrast.

  25. I remember candice! Haha she looks so impish in the one where she’s kneeling down.

  26. They’re both abslutely stunning in these pictures but my god he is HUGE!

  27. I kind of think she looks dominant. The heels and cane are a boss-lady look, like he’s her pet. Like women with really big dogs. Hawt. Lol

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