41 thoughts on “Pinky Swear

  1. Adorable! Cute ladies, although I hate the chin tattoo. Talk about cultural appropriation.

  2. AH! Thank you!! I’m so excited you liked them…hurt like a bitch but I’m really excited.

    and yes jer was a bitch and didn’t get it…he was supposed to hah


  3. Sorry, just not feeling the chin tattoo either. She needs to bulk it up a lil bit I think, atm it just doesn’t really suit her. I always feel awful saying bad things about other people’s beloved artwork, but I feel even worse when I see artwork that doesn’t (in my opinion) suit.

  4. Sam has the chin tattoo and Meg has the chest piece. Both are gorgeous, I’m in love with both of them…and Sams chin tattoo!

  5. I couldn’t help on noticing before even the mod bod, how absolutely gorgeous eyes both of these ladies have !

  6. I’m glad this made ModBlog. I heard you guys were doing this, and was wondering how you were going to get “Pinky Swear” to fit on your pinkies!

    They look good, nice work Sam….as usual!

  7. The pinky swear trumps all other promise tactics, even the spit shake. This is adorable, two thumbs (and pinkies) way the hell up.

  8. I love these tattoos. Ive never met Sam, but when i lived in ohio, i knew Meg. Awesome girl with awesome tattoos. 🙂

  9. Love it! Meg you have the cutest nose. And I love your hair! What color(s) is that?

  10. It would have made more sense to me if it just had swear on the pinkie and not pinkie swear. Just because its sort of implied?

  11. Sam’s chin and throat tattoos make more sense when you see her in person and can actually see her dread locks or when she is in full tribal belly dance attire for a show.
    Sam’s been my best friend for 16 years, and trust me it fits her personality and lifestyle to a t.

  12. Aw, now see I think this would have been a lot better if it just said SWEAR and left off the pinky part, since that is obvious anyway!

  13. “…I hate the chin tattoo. Talk about cultural appropriation.”

    Oh, I know! Who does she think she is? Someone…else?

    I mean yeah, it’s really terrible when non-aztecs drink cocoa, and when anyone who isn’t Italian drinks coffee, and when German girls get cornrows in Goa, and when white Americans become Buddhist, and when those rude foreigners attempt to learn my language
    How DARE they! I mean, it’s just outrageous!


  14. Hey! thank you so much for all the compliments.

    my ring finger says “JTMD” it stands for John Tucker Must Die…stupid i know but it means alot because someone was doing it to me just like in the film and another girl…so as a joke we got it done together…silly but i love it.

    My hair color was a total fluke!!! I have no idea how it ended up looking so good….but thank you again.

    and if anyone was wondering my chest says forgiven…you can’t really see it, its mushed in my clevage.

  15. yeah thats my goofey ass sister Sam! that really is great tattoo tho! you think thats funny tho you should ask her about the crab on her ass! Ha Ha Ha! seems to be the habit in my family tho getting ridiculous tattoos. you get a chance to talk to her man ask him what the kanji symbol means on his leg!!!!

  16. Hey Festor- Her man’s funniest tattoo is the one on his ass that says “if you can read this my pants fell down”

  17. yeah he told me about that one. my bro arthur just got a tattoo on his ass that the usda 100% beef label lol!

  18. Yeah sam’s the crazy bitch with the chin tat thats was basically the jiz patt from the guys she cheatted on her husband with…..

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