15 thoughts on “Micro Dusters..

  1. looks v cool, after having one on my wrist and it getting pulled out i’d be very paranoid that these would get ripped out / caught


  2. I like that the size of each micro is sized relative to the finger they’re on.
    I also like that they’re from Canberra. Those crazy, round-about- obsessed politicians!

  3. Oh wow, it’s my fingers. :) I loved the knuckle microdermals. Of course they rejected.

    It’s true I couldn’t put my hand in my pocket but I thought about it for a couple of weeks before I got them and decided the thumb was an absolute no go, I could still use the pocket if I could get my thumb in there.

    They didn’t snag anywhere near as much as I was expecting, it really wasn’t until they started seriously rejecting that they started causing slight issues.

    They lasted a couple of months. Long enough for me to be as much in love with a mod as you can get. I miss them every day, my fingers look so plain without them.

    Oh, and Hugh is the best piercer in Canberra.

  4. hugh did my chest mircordermal 2 days ago. he’s the most professional piercer i’ve been to i recommend him to anyone in canberra !!

  5. Kambra represent!

    Also, thanks for the Hugh review. I might give him a call tomorrow. =]

  6. I’ve got one knuckle microdermal. That’s enough…
    I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago. My mother picked my dermal from the floor, cleaned it with alcohol and placed it back in position. Soo freaky….

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