12 thoughts on “Through the Earhole.

  1. I got pierced by Carl. A very lovely guy indeed.
    And the microdermal is so aesthetically pleasing. Lovely stuff!

  2. Um… deja vu? Or am I remembering a different yet similar picture… o_O
    Oh, and what’s going on up at the ear itself? I can’t figure if it’s another microdermal, a little stud, or what; the contrast is whacked out. Oh, speaking of which, I love the blue tones in the picture.

  3. I don’t believe this has been posted before, although I’m using a bundle of photos that Shannon sent over to me. There shouldn’t be anything in there that’s been posted before but forgive me if I post something that’s already been up 🙂

  4. I do remember that one as well, and it might just be that I’m thinking of. And I suppose that the dot on the tragus could be from the lens; using my fingers to trace the arc allong the bottom it does seem to line up.
    That reminds me that I really should get a fisheye one of these days… I could shoot some Dalek-eye-view skits. 😛

  5. i have a microdermal behind my head like that. i love it becuase you can see it through my tunnel in my lobe. so cuute

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