24 thoughts on “Red Nose Day..

  1. Doesn’t a septril require a big septum?
    Unless you have a big septum, then woops.

  2. I’m definitely not one to knock bloodplay, but a NOSEbleed? Far from sexy.

  3. no snib, my boyfriend has a REAL septril. its 14g now but he did have a 4g one.
    this is kinda a fake one, since its done with a curved barbell

  4. Um…Number 15, i dont think there is such a thing as a fake piercing, except maybe those magnet ones and the clip-ons, but “if the hole is made its in the trade”.

  5. It does come out of his septum. It’s done with a curved barbell and it’s just pushed out the one nostril. The other bead is where it should be.

  6. I usually put an oring rather than a bead inside but i didnt have any orings left when i took these pics. it definetely looks better with an oring cause then you cant only see the bead coming out in front :)

  7. #15- This is a real septril– as long as it goes thru nostril & septum together. I have custom jewelry so I can do one also.

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