23 thoughts on “Ninja Comb Over

  1. Not sure if it’s just the angle of the picture… but I think it would look a lot better if the lines were not so wobbly.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, this was also her first tattoo. Yay maxine for getting modblogged!

  3. For a scary moment I thought this was a picture of my ex-boyfriend – a l33tspeak tattoo is exactly something he would do. *shudder*

    Since it’s not him, though… heh, I think the idea’s kinda cute. Made me smile.

  4. at first i though “why?”
    but then i though “genius..”
    i love it.

  5. Congrats Maxine! FYI, she was giggling during this tattoo. If you think THAT’s something then check out her suspension video on her page, first one!

  6. So cool!! I’d like a scalp tat also, but I don’t want to cut my hair (it’s 4 feet long).

  7. Alright so I got stoned last night and realized this.

    If you hide a ninja tattoo under a ninja’s hair, and a ninja is impossible to see, then how impossible is it to see their tattoo?

  8. I really like that.

    I’d rather be a πrate than a ninj4 though, but that’s just me.

  9. Odd place to shave of your hair and get a tattoo but I think it’s cute.

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